A girl wants to count the steps onan escalator

A girl wants to count the steps of a moving escalator which is going up. If she is going up on it, she counts 60 steps. If she is walking down, taking the same time per step, then she counts 90... more


Cost of an item

At the food truck Joel bought 3 hot dogs and 4 drinks for $10.Cindy bought 1 hotdog and 3 drinks for $5.Find the cost of each hot dog and each drink 


Distance between -8 and 4

-8 and 4  


Tina, however frequently cooks in her kitchen; Carlos never eats.

How would you correctly punctuate this? Why is there a comma after Tina? 


which sentence is active voice

A hike is done every weekend by Gigi.Every weekend, a hike is done by Gigi.Gigi hikes every weekend.By Gigi, a hike is done every weekend.


Ok.. It says to solve for base, round to nearest cent!!

Original + Increase = New value (Base).                           (Part).     I'm guessing that 800 is Part(after increase) an rate of increase is 25%. How do I find the base??   Base + 25% =... more


explaining some functions

Hi! So, the problem is: Let f(t) represent the temperature of a turkey baking in an oven as a function of time in the oven (in minutes). The turkey was in the oven for 360 minutes and then... more

Don't understand refund given on store return.

Purchased boxes for $23.70 and a microwave for $189; = $212.70 before tax. I used store credit and 10% mover discount to pay:  $212.70 - 21.27 (10% discount) = 191.43 + tax = $206.68 - 13.54... more

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