Math work today

z varies jointly as x and y and inversely as w. if z = 16 when x = 5, y= 4 and w =10, find z when x =6, y = 8, and w = 12.

How should I ask someone to repeat something they've said?

**How should I ask someone to repeat something they've said?**When I learned Spanish in school, I was taught to never say _"¿Qué?"_ when I needed someone to repeat something they just... more

Why is 'estar muerto' used instead of 'ser muerto'?

I know it is rather rude to think of it this way and I don't want to offend anyone religiously, but being dead is usually thought of as a very permanent condition in the United States.So why does... more


Transformation functions

Y=sqrt(x) that is reflected across the origin, then shifted up 2 units


integral problem

If a cup of coffee has temperature 96°C in a room where the ambient air temperature is 19°C, then, according to Newton's Law of Cooling, the temperature of the coffee after t minutes... more

A car traveling 25 m/s begins to decelerate at a constant rate of 8 m/s^2

After how many seconds does the car come to a stop?How far will the car have traveled before stopping?

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