Sorting an almost sorted dataset in SAS?

I have a large dataset in SAS which I know is almost sorted; I know the first and second levels are sorted, but the third level is not. Furthermore, the first and second levels contain a large... more


Opening SAS datasets for viewing from within a .sas program?

Is there a way to open a SAS dataset for viewing (i.e., in the "ViewTable" window) from within a .sas file?


Changing Value of Macro Variable inside SAS macro?

I am defining a macro variable inside a macro. Then, I am feeding it into a second macro. Inside macro2 counter changes value to 200. However, when I check what is inside the macro variable that I... more


In SAS, what are good techniques/options for catching syntax errors?

In the enhanced editor, the coloring might give you a hint. However, on the mainframe I don't believe there is anything, in the editor, that will help you. I use OPTIONS OBS=0 noreplace; The... more


How can I read a SAS dataset?

I have a lot of files in SAS format, and I'd like to be able to read them in programs outside of SAS. I don't have anything except the base SAS system installed. I could manually convert each one,... more


SAS memory usage and sorting?

I'm curious about SAS's use of memory, sorting, and why it seems to be so inefficient. I have a quad core xeon with 8GB ram. I have a 3GB dataset. Why, at any given time during a standard proc... more


SQL/SAS: Best performance for selecting from big table (2bn rows)?

I have a non-indexed 2 billion rows table in a read-only SAS SPD server (**bigtable**). I have another 12 million rows table in my workspace (SAS_GRID) with a single column of unique ids... more

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