It is not possible to map the entire human genome.

Cold water sour taste?

Recently I underwent a wisdom tooth extraction, and while there is still numbness I have observed something peculiar. If I drink cold water, it tastes sour, however the same effect is not observed... more


Why doesn't life produce diamond, graphene, nanotubes, etc? Could it?

It seems that life is really good at assembling carbon into extremely complicated molecules (e.g. DNA). Graphene is stronger than any materials currently used by biology. Diamond is harder than any... more


Dentestry Problem

Today I went into a Indian Springs dentist office planning to get my chipped tooth filled, after entering the dentist office the assistant told me it would be a good idea to get a cap to my tooth... more


Can adults benefit from getting dental sealant?


Can a dentist tell if you dip?

If 67% is worth £100, What is 20% worth

If 67% is worth £100, What is 20% worth?


Chem Help ! Confused about Enthalpy

Using standard heats of formation, calculate the standard enthalpy change for the following reaction. Fe(s) + 2HCl(aq)FeCl2(s) + H2(g)

If 200 cubic centimeters of hydrogen is reacted with 50 cubic centimeters of oxygen to form liquid water how much of which has is left over

200 cubic cm reacts with 50 cubic cm of oxygen to form liquid water. How much of which has is left over?

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