A fire alarm goes off. Is this considered a response or not since it's not an actual organism?

I'm aware that a stimulus will trigger a response. An example being an animal is cold so it moves towards the sun. However I also recall hearing that a response can only come from a living... more

What is the pressure of the C2H5OH vapor at 650k before it decomposes?

92.5kj + C2H5OH<->H2+CO +CH4 A 15.50-gram sample of C2H5OH liquid is placed into a 4.50-liter flask and heated to 650.0 k. The sample is vaporized, and then begins to decompose. What is the... more


what will the oxidation number do?

An atom has an oxidation number if -3 in a molecule. it is placed in another molecule whose other atoms are significantly less electronegative than the atoms in the first molecule.


How many moles are in 73.2 liters cyanide gas?


Stoichometery Problem

how many grams of carbon dioxide would result if we burn 19.2 liters of pure methane measured at 0.813 atm and 26 C?


Stoichometery Problem

how many milliliters of concentrated 15 M ammonia would you use to make 500 ml of 6 M NH3?


You need to make solutions for the DNA lab class.

You need 0.75 molar Tris, 0.25 molar NaCl, and .5 molar DTT. Given the molecular weights:Tris: 121.1 g/moleNaCl: 58.0 g/moleDTT: 154.0 g/mole


Can someone help me with these

Draw the structural and condensed formulas of "4-Ethyl-2-hexene" and "3-Isobutyl-1, 4-pentadiene"for "4-Ethyl-2-hexene i put for structural formula H H H H H | | | | ... more


Select every statement that is true about this Lewis dot Structure BeC2N2 ?

-There is at least one atom that does not have 8 electrons-There is at least one atom that has more than 8 electrons-There is at least one double bond.There is at least one triple bond-There is at... more


please help asap! I'm very confused

You wish to make a 100 microliter enzyme reaction cocktail that contains 200 micromoles MgCl2. The concentration of your MgCl2 stock solution is 2.5 mM. How much 2.5 mM MgCl2 would you have to add... more

what is the gram formula mass of li2so4


14. How many grams of aluminum reacted if 136.8 mL of hydrogen gas is collected at 0.987 atm and 23.0’C?

How many grams of aluminum reacted if 136.8 mL of hydogen gas is collected at 0.987 atm and 23.0 degree CA 0.100g B 0.150 gC 0.250 gD 0.300 gE none of the above


Equilibrium Question (HELP)

At a certain temperature, this reaction establishes an equilibrium with the given equilibrium constant, Kc.3A(g)+2B(g) ---> 4C(g) Kc= 1.13x10^15If, at this temperature, 1.50 mol of A and 3.60... more


Select the gas with the largest molecular speed (most fast) at 28°C.

Select the gas with the larges molecular speed ( most fast) at 28 degrees CA NO3B NO2C COsD CO

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