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Number of bacteria in a certain population is predicted to increase according to a continuous exponential growth model, at a relative rate of 12%per hour

Suppose that a sample culture has an initial population of 26 bacteria. Find the predicted population after two hours. Do not round any intermediate computations , and round your answer to the... more

How can the graph of f(x) = -(x-5)^2+6 be obtained from the graph of y = x^2

How can the graph of f(x) = -(x-5)^2+6 be obtained from the graph of y = x^2

Use of determinants?

I have been teaching myself maths (primarily calculus) throughout this and last year, and was stumped with the use of determinants. In the math textbooks I have, they simply show how to compute a... more

Is the Maclaurin series expansion of $\\sin x$ related to the inclusion-exclusion principle?

When I see the alternating signs in the infinite series expansion of $\\sin x$, I'm reminded of the inclusion-exclusion principle. Could there be any way to visualize it in such a way? Also, is... more

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