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What grammatical structure is highlighted -and spectacularly belted out-in the refrain of Juanes’ song “A Dios Le Pido?”

What grammatical structure is highlighted -and spectacularly belted out-in the refrain of Juanes’ song “A Dios Le Pido?”

When should I use subjunctive mode in Spanish?

There are three verb modes used in Spanish, regardless of verb tense.These three modes are: Indicative: use to express facts that are certain. Subjunctive: used to express how a person feels about... more

Relative pronouns after prepositions: is it okay to use them in speech?

Consider the following usages of relative pronouns: 1. The lecturer introduces a study *in which* participants were asked to choose one attractive picture. 1. At the university I met famous... more


Why is English so difficult for non-English speakers?

How to decide between "ahora" and "ya" for the sense "now"?

I know that *`ya`* has additional meanings besides simply *`now`*, such as *`already`*.But considering just the sense of *`ya`* which does mean *`now`*, when should I use it and when should I use... more

Can an auxiliary verb have an object?

* I want to goHere 'want to' is a phrasal modal. Do we agree? Now consider this:* I want him to goIs it possible that in this sentence the pronoun him is the object of the modal auxiliary 'want... more

What's the origin of words ending in the letter "j"?

- What's the origin/etymology of these words? The only one that I know and it is common is `reloj`. - Are there any others recognized by the RAE?

When to add prepositions before an infinitive verb (por/para/a/de)?

With the infinitive form of a verb in English, (e.g. to speak), the word 'to' seems to convey a specific meaning where, in Spanish, an additional preposition is used in some cases.Examples:>I... more


Why do I have to put "que" in the sentence "es que yo sin ti."?

I can't seem to figure out the grammar for this sentence. I've tried looking online at learning resources but still can't figure it out.   Here is the rest of the verse, it's from a song. >Es... more


How do you use ser appropriately in the Spanish language?

Ser is mostly used for permanent conditions. First, ser is used for descriptions. For example, yo soy inteligente (I am intelligent), and la casa es grande (the house is big). Secondly, ser is used... more


Are the Spanish ll and y pronounced the same?


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It was a mark of how bad the last week had been that the other two agreed with him. What is the meaning in this context?

> There was a tap on the dark window.> > “It's Hedwig!” said Harry, hurrying to let her in. “She'll have> Charlie's answer!”> > The three of them put their heads together to read... more

How can I catch more errors when I proofread?

I have a problem where I often proof my own writing and I don't catch all the errors while I am reading through it. I often miss entire words out of sentences or find myself repeating words. I can... more

What is the conceptual distinction between coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions?

While it is easy enough to identify coordinating and subordinating conjunctions by memorizing lists of them, the actual distinction seems arbitrary. Coordinating conjunctions are said to join... more


Differences between "very" and "very much" as adjective modifiers?

The following examples are clearly wrong: > × I am very much tired > × She is very much clever But the following sounds fine (at least according to... more


Is it clear in the following sentence the distinction between the "individual" and the "whole"?

Is it clear in the following sentence the distinction between the "individual" (a single person), and the "whole" (nature, universe...everything around, etc)? "People want to be eternal as an... more


How similar are Castilian and Spanish


Appropriate word order in a long sentence?

I composed the below sentences to mean The company should contribute to the sustainability by: 1. Proactive development of environmentally friendly products 2. Reducing environmental load Which... more
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