How to Become a Sophisticated Writer

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to crisp, clear professional writing? Have you ever wondered what gives the best writers their extra appeal? Have you ever wondered how you can enhance... more


Clarifying a critic

With reference to this critic "Othello both figures monstrosity and at the same time represents the white male norms the play encodes through Iago, Roderigo, Brabantio. Not surprisingly, Othello... more

how do i do this

police accountability- Having laws changed to make police more responsible for their actions.Coalition-building bring diverse groups together for a common causedigital campaign- activism spreading... more


a clause can be defined as


What is the simple predicate in the following sentence? School is challenging at times.

This was a question on my English test today. I answered that the simple predicate in this sentence is "is." My answer was marked incorrect, and the answer sheet shows the simple predicate as "is... more


lots of questions!

AP English Language and Composition                            mcrawford12 sets of questions to accompany “Targets of Aggression” by David Barash(from the 5 Oct. 2007 issue)  With what literary... more


english help urgent please

Read the passage from John F. Kennedy’s “Inaugural Address.”We dare not forget today that we are the heirs of that first revolution. Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and... more


How do I write an IB English A Lang & Lit HL Literary Commentary?

Hi there! Could you give me an outline? Thanks! :)


Why is the tense wrong in the beginning of The Stranger?

The first lines of Albert Camus' *The Stranger* go something like this:> Mother died today. Or, maybe, yesterdayIt's told in the present tense, as in, when Meursault is recounting the event it... more

What does "one needn't stand on trifles" mean?

I'm reading "The Portrait of a Lady" by Henry James, and I found the following two sentences.> "I suppose that after a girl has refused an English lord she may do anything," her aunt rejoined.... more

Which is correct: "The facts are known by us" or "The facts are known to us"?

Which is correct?>The facts are known by usor >The facts are known to usI think _by_ is correct but my friends persist that it's _to_.

Writing 19th century upperclass English dialog?

I was recently rereading bits of Pride and Prejudice and the dialog is absolutely brilliant. How can I learn to write dialog that sounds like it is from this general era? For example are there any... more

How much time do you spend writing one page on average?

I'm writing a technical book about one programming technology and would like to compare how much time other authors spend on one page (on average). I rarely write a page and am done with it, quite... more

In "Sounder", why is the dog the only character with a name?

The book *Sounder* strikes me as quite unique, in that it gives a lot of detail, and yet most of the characters, even main characters like the boy and his father, are not named. The only character... more

Is the phrase, "Use commas sparingly" a valid piece of advice?

I am currently in the process of collaboratively editing a research paper, and participated in a meeting about it today. During the discussion, the head of the group made a blanket statement about... more

What does representing a school with dignity mean?

I am applying for a school but how do I explain that I will represent it with honor and respect without sounding like a dictionary?


What's a good theme I can form on identity/isolation of Ender In Ender's Game?

I asked my English teacher if an essay on loss of identity due to isolation is okay? What would make a good thesis? What are some good examples I can use in order to show how this can make an... more

What are sentences like "the longer X, the more Y" called and can they be used in formal written English?

What is the type of sentence exemplified below called? Is it appropriate to use it in a scientific paper and formal written English in general? >**1.** The more pronounced the variation,... more


Can we use "id est" in lieu of "i.e." in academic writing?

In an academic, format context, can we write *id est* instead of its abbreviated form (*i.e.*)? Compare: > ‘a walking boot which is synthetic, **id est** not leather’ with: > ‘a walking... more

When to use single (ㅅ) or double (ㅆ) consonants?

Is there a rule generally to help remember when we would write double consonants like ㅆ, ㄲ, ㄸ, ㅃ, ㅉ instead of single consonants like ㅅ? For example, remembering to write 땀 for sweat, and not 담. Is... more

What's the adjective for feeling intense cold pain? (while at the dentist)?

What's the adjective for feeling intense cold/pain? (while at the dentist) I hear this all the time when I get a dental cleaning, but I haven't been able to find the word in a dictionary. It... more

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