Difference between "asleep" and "sleeping"?

I know *asleep* and *sleeping* are interchangeable in many cases. But in these situations, I am not sure. I read stories to my son after he went to bed. After reading the stories, I stayed for... more


Grass growing prealgebra question

Imagine a new pasture with grass growing on it. Every day after the seeds have germinated, the number of blades of grass in the pasture triples. After 18 days, the entire pasture is completely... more


My question involves trigonometry

A phone line runs east along a field of 2 miles and then north along the edge of the same field for 3 miles. If the phone line cost 3500 per mile to install, how much could have been saved if the... more

A bag contains one tile for each letter of the word PANDA.

If you selected a permutation of these letters at random, what is the probability that they would spell the word panda? Hint: Note that there is a repeated letter.

probability question

Jon is packing for a trip. He has packed 2 pairs of pants, 4 shirts, and 2 pairs of shoes. In the space below, create a tree diagram, table, or list to show the sample space representing his outfit... more


System of Equations

Tom has some Quarters , dimes and nickels : it is known that the total number of coins ia 55. the total value of the quarters equals the value of the dimes and nickels. the number of the dimes is... more

Solving a percent mixture problem using a system of linear equations

I am struggling with these type of equations and I need help A scientist has two solutions, which she has labeled Solution A and Solution B. Each contains salt. She knows that Solution A... more


A delivery truck is transporting boxes of two sizes: large and small. The large boxes weigh 45 pound...

A delivery truck is transporting boxes of two sizes: large and small. The large boxes weigh 45 pounds each, and the small boxes weigh 35 pounds each. There are 115 boxes in all. If the truck is... more

Is it "Yours faithfully" or "Yours sincerely"?

When should one sign a letter with "Yours faithfully" or "Yours sincerely"?


please help with this problem

Sydney and Mila go to the movie theater and purchase refreshments for their friends.Sydney spends a total of $28.50 on 9 drinks and 2 bags of popcorn.Mila spends a total of $42.50 on 5 drinks and... more


Is "i.e." in this situation incorrect?

*I.e.* is used when we would like to use a situation as a kind of clarification. Suppose I was to write something like this: > Nano-boxes are used in medical science i.e. cancer treatment, where... more


equation in standard form

Write the equation in standard form Y+4=3(x-2)


Write the equation in standard form

Write the equation in standard form Y=1/4x-3

What problems can confounding variables​ cause? Select all that apply. (See answers below)

I feel like it A, B, & C.  Again book is unclear.A.They can cause the study to favor certain results unexpectedly.B.They can cause incorrect conclusions to be drawn from the study.C.They can... more

8th grade Algebra

Trying to help my daughter, but it has been too long... Cant find a cheat sheet to help me get started with equation:   A furniture manufacturer is going out of business and wants to maximize... more


if x,y,z satisfy xy=1 yz=2 and x=3 what is the value of x^2+y^2+z^2

The question is for advanced math  If x,y and z satisfy xy=1 yz=2 and xz=3 what is the value of x^2+y^2+z^2 express your answer as a common fraction.


Summarize what this part(s) of the Constitution says.

 This question is from the work sheet called Ap Government, The US Constitution.


Probability of independent events

If there is a 2% chance that an item shipped by shipping center A is damaged as it is shipped and a 1% chance that an item shipped by shipping center B is damaged as it is shipped, what is the... more


Write an equation and solve

12 7th graders entered a contest. This was three less than five times the number of 8th graders who entered. How many 8th graders entered the contest

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