Which equation has -5 as the equation A.30=6x B.30=-6x C.7 - x=-12 D.17 + x=-12

A.30=6x B.30=-6x C.7 - x=-12 D.17 + x=-12


A circle has diameter 25 how far from the centre of this circle is a chord 16 long



value of x written in improper fraction (see below)

A decorator hangs a picture on a wall that is 48 inches wide.  The width of the picture is 17 1/2 inches.  The decorator hags the picture exactly in the middle of the wall.  What is the value of x,... more


The length of a photograph is 3 cm less than twice the width. The area is 54cm2. Find the dimensions of the photograph

This is a quadratics equation and I want the equation for the way you find the answer 


The ages of two persons are in the ratio 5:7. Eighteen years ago their ages were in the ratio 8:13. Find the no.

Its a question from 7th standard book


(t-3)^2-16 is a difference of two squares. Identify a and b

Another Question, If you could explain it that would be nice :D Remember a^2-b^2=(a-b)(a+b)


volume of a sphere that has a radius 3 more than r

I need help with this please answer quickly because i dont understand


what months are the costs the same.

health club a charges $100 membership fee plus $25 per month. Health club B charges a $200 membership fee plus $20 per month. For what number of months are the health club costs the same?


some integers are not rational numbers

 true or false


What is center of the circle with equation (x + 7)2 + (y - 2)2 = 9?

The answer choices are  (-7, 2),(2, 7) and (3, -7)


A wireless carrier offers the following plans that a person is considering.

The Family Plan: $70monthly fee, unlimited talk and text up to 5 devices, and data charges of $40 for each device up to 2GB of data per device.Mobile Share Plan: $85 monthly fee for up to... more


Two different telephone carriers offer the following plans that a person is considering.

Company A: charges a $25 monthly fee and $0.05/min for callsCompany B: charges a $15 monthly fee and $0.10/min for callsFind the model of the total cost for both companies for one month, using... more

an object weights 200g in air and weighs 190 g when completely immersed in water . calculate volume of the object

what will be the answer .....please give the answer


if A,B,C,D are distinct digits find the maximum possible valueof the sum

 It is  like.      A    B                   +C    D                     


Help Me Help Me

Jason picks two cards from a deck of 52 cards. What is the probability that the sum of these 2 cards are greater than 17.   Given that A=1, J,Q,K=10

An electric company charges a $40 monthly fee plus a usage fee $0.02 per kilowatt hour. A 7% tax is added to each bill.

write an Equation and solve if you ran electricity  for 40 hours


f(a)= a ​ g(b)= b 1 ​ ​ (g∘f)(0.25)=

algebra 2
1 3 5 6 7 8 9

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