Working backward

Brad went to store A and spent 1/2 of his money. He then went to store B and spent 1/2 of his money. He went to store C and spent 1/2 of his money. Now he has 1Php left. How much money did he have... more


Eight antique coins,one of which are fake and weights less.

How can you find the fake coin in:  1. Three weighings 2. Two weighings


The Soviet Union was made of 15 states. Of them, was considered the most powerful

The Soviet Union was made of 15 states. Of them, was considered the most powerful


The difference of a number times 6 and 5 is 9

Im supposed to find the equation to this with "w" as a variable but how?


Need help on this question

rons job pays 45,300 in annual wages and 31% of annual wages in benefits. His job expences are estimated to be 3,300 a year. Ron interveiwrd for another job that pays $47,000 in yearly wages.... more


Geometric Sequence

Consider the following geometric sequence -5,10,-20,40... If the explicit formula for the sequence above is in the form an=b(c)n-1, determine the value of b and c


1 inch = 45 miles.9.5 inches is how many miles

Anwser as soon as possible  

what are the solutions for the quadratic equation x2-8x=32

answer choice; A) -2, 16 B) 2, -16 C) 4+4 q square root 3 D) -4+4 square root 3


21 Minus 14 divided by 7 plus 11 minus 4

Just a simple question I'm not really able to answer, due to the fact I have not fully learned PEMDAS.

System of Equations Problem

When you reverse the digits in a certain two-digit number you decrease its value by 72. Find the number if the sum of its the sum of its digits is 8 


If sin(A-B)=1/√10 and cos(A+B)=2/√29 then find tan2A

0°<A and B<90°


What would be an estimated answer for 8 1/2÷3 1/9

Looking for an estimated 

a total of 60 hand weights some of the weights are 3 pounds and the rest are 5 pounds if there are 10 more 5 pound weights then 3 pound weight how many of each

it is the gym instructor and i need help solving this problem. i don't know how to find the equations 


The percentage of male workers who prefer a female boss over a male boss increased approximately linearly from 3% in 1980 to 12% in 1998.

Predict when 25% of male workers will prefer a female boss.  


Word Problem

If the average teenager complains about 13 things every 4 minutes, how many things will he or she complain about in 24 minutes?


Write (-8,2) and (4,1) in slope intercept form

Put in slope intercept form


Bagging dimes

3 people have 139 dimes. They want to bag the coins in such a way that they can pay any amount between 1 and 139 dimes by handing over a combination of bags without looking inside them. What is the... more


Hexagon around a circle that has a diameter of 104

What's the length of each side ??

For which value of theta is cot theta equal to cos theta

Please show how you got the answer


if in a farm there is chickens and rabitts and the farmer counted 72 heads and 200 feet

in a farm there are 72 heads and 200 feet .how many chickens and rabbits are in the farms?  


If a giraffe eats 75 pounds of leaves a day how many grams would that be?

Word problem


Casey is fencing in a yard that is 30 meters longer than the width. The yard will have an area of 1000 meters squared.

What is the equation to find the dimensions of the yard? What will the perimeter of the yard be?
2 4 5 6 7 8 9

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