Evaluate -2x 2 y, if x = -3 and y = -1.



Geometry Homework

The sum of the measures of the interior angles of a convex regular polygon is 3,960 degrees. How many sides does the polygon have ? What is the measure of each interior angle?


Math percentages

A container holds 15 ounces of water if 9 ounces or spilled what percent of the water remains in the container?


Explicit formula

Write an explicit formula for the arithmetic sequence for the nth term. 36, 31, 25, 21


Congruent supplementary angles are right angles

2m angle a =180 degrees


Prism Math Question

A triangular prism has a right triangle base with one leg 4 inches and the other leg 7 inches. The height of the prism is 11 inches. What is its volume?

How do you add 6/5 + 1/4? Thank you

I am adding/ Subtracting with fractions. I am helping my daughter with her 6th grade homework. Thank you


need to know how to do this problem



spimlify 4x-(2-3x)-5

Simplify i do not understand this and i need help

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