Does 4K impact quality when filming in low light? (other parameters being equal)?

I'm wondering if **filming with a 4K camera, possibly downsizing to Full HD, will give better detail than filming with a Full HD camera** (other parameters being equals).Sub-question (maybe I... more

How do I downgrade a RAW photo to a JPEG in Lightroom?

Sometimes, I have photos which, instead of being kept in DNG format, could be converted to JPEG: - In museums, when I make a photo of artwork, I also take a photo of a label with the name of the... more

Prevent Lightroom from creating duplicates if the edit in photoshop is not saved?

Quite often I choose to 'Edit in photoshop' from Lightroom but then end up not saving the result. (for example, because I just wanted to experiment with the photo, or I'm not satisfied with the... more

How to do a selective darkening of part of a photo in Lightroom?

I have a photo that has quite a distracting corner: if you divide it by the rule of thirds it's bit less than half of the bottom right corner.Can I use Lightroom to darken that corner? I don't... more

How can I erase objects with Lightroom (rather than Photoshop)?

I have a picture shot on a white background, however the white background didn't cover the whole frame. The sides of the image show unwanted objects. I would like to erase these side parts such... more

How can I apply the same action to multiple images in Lightroom?

In Adobe Lightroom's Develop mode, is it possible to apply an action to multiple images? When I select multiple images (control/shift click), it highlights those images. I then perform an action... more

Why does all timecode start at 1 hour? (01:00:00:00)?

Is there a reason timecode in Final Cut 7 and timecode in Pro Tools starts at the 1 hour mark? eg. 01:00:00:00? As opposed to all zeros? Some old broadcast standard that I don't know about?

How to best manage photos with Lightroom?

I recently started taking RAW photos and purchased Lightroom 3 to manage them. So far I have not found the ideal way to manage them. Here's basically how my workflow goes: 1. Import the RAW files... more

How to properly deal with lens distortion in Sony NEX RAW files?

I have a Sony NEX6 camera and when using the 16-50 kit lens the photos shot in RAW has a lot of distortions. You either have to let the camera correct it using jpeg or you are expected to use... more

How can I create a smart collection that checks for only *one* given keyword in Lightroom 3?

I think I know my Lightroom pretty well, but I couldn't find a way to create a smart collection that returns photos containing only *one* given keyword. Just one. Say, all photos containing *only*... more

How can I import multiple cards into Lightroom simultaneously?

Photographers with more than one camera body, or who use several cards in a session, would benefit greatly from being able to import from more than one card into Lightroom without having to start... more

How do I export JPEGs from Lightroom without the grey/black box around each picture?

How do I export JPEGs from Lightroom without the grey/black box around each picture?This is really frustrating me. I know there has to be a way to do this.

How can I search for pictures containing two people in Lightroom?

I know how to search for pictures containing "Mary" or "Frank" in my Lightroom library, but is there a way to search for pictures containing both "Mary" *and* "Frank"?

How do I pan an image in Lightroom while using the adjustment brush?

Is there any keyboard control for panning, or something similar to <alt>-mouse to pan while I'm using the adjustment brush?

What would a video look like without the shutter separating frames?

If the shutter wasn't in the picture, what would you get? Are there any examples of this available? I've searched, but couldn't come up with anything. Is this an impossible thing? Or are the... more

What's the difference between saturation and vibrance in Lightroom?

Both options affect colors in a similar way, but I can't figure out the difference.

How do I find out what year my MacBook is?

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