a. Sketch the graph of a function that satisfies all of the given conditions. Note that you need to make ONE graph that satisfies all the given conditions.

f^' (x)>0 if |x|<2,f^' (x)<0 if |x|>2,f^' (2)=0,llim(x→∞)⁡f(x)=1,f(-x)=-f(x),f^''(x)<0 if 0<x<3,f^'' (x)>0 if x>3


given that (9,2) is on the graph of f(x), find the corresponding point for the function f(x-2)

So I have plato summer school and some of the units are just crazy confusing. HELP!!!!


Translate into symbolic form

It will not rain tomorrow


find in what time PKR. 146.25 will yeild PKR. 46,25 at 7.5 p.a

formula: T=100*I/P*R


find the complement of an angle whose measure is 42o

find the complement of an angle whose measure is 42 degrees 

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