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Variables, Equation, Solve

I'm not sure how to get the answer. I have tried and nothing I do seems to work. I am doing something wrong. I know it's probably simple, but here it goes:Over two days Kevin drove 934 miles to... more


Find the following

f(x) = 2x - 9, g(x) = 6 - x(a) (f + g)(x) =(b) (f - g)(x) =(c) (fg)(x) =(d) (f/g)(x) =


How do I solve this expression: 4^4×4^2÷4^3=?

Probability of phone numbers

I am having trouble figuring out how to solve this. Would you be able to help me?Local phone numbers consist of seven numerals, the first three of which are common to many users. A small town's... more

How does one reflect (-5, -4) over the x axis? As with (3, -10) and (1, 2).

(Trying to do it without using coordinate plane)


what is an eqation of a function with a local maximum of 3, and no global maximum or minimum?

I need help finding an equation that looks like this,


Show that the points form the vertices of the polygon.

right triangle:    (−4, −1), (0, 1), (2, −3)distance between (-4,-1), (0,1) d1=________units?distance between (0,1), (2,-3) d2=________units?distance between (-4,-1) (2,-3) d3=_______units?

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