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Express the logarithm in terms of ln 2 and ln 7: ln(49/8)

ln 2ln 7ln(49/8)


Newton's Laws and 1D Kinematics Help

The mass of the mower is 21.0 kg, the net force is 51.0 N, and the magnitude of the friction is 24.0 N.Assume the mower is moving at 2.8 m/s when the Fpush is removedHow far (in meters) will the... more

Which one of these expressions represent an area?

I am confused about which expressions represent an area. a, b and c represent lengths   1. a(ab+bc) 2. a^2b 3. c(a+b) 4. 4(a+c)


N= investment money N+.2N+300-450-500=1700

Liam invested money in the stock market. in the first year his stock increased 20%. he paid his stockbroker $300 and then lost $450. he withdrew $500 and then his remaining investment doubled.... more

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