What creates a minor pentatonic scale?

How did classical composers write music?

How did classical composers such as Mozart and Beethoven write music for instruments they didn't play, such as the timpani or trumpet? Is it all music theory or were they just so genius that they... more

How to differentiate between relative keys?

So I'm learning that C major and A minor scales have the same notes. Then, if I look at, say, 10 consecutive single notes, how do I tell if they're in C or Am? It's easier when you see a chord,... more


Why diatonic chords and not always major, always minor, etc?

Why is it important to stay within the key, i.e., to use diatonic chords (minus modulation and key changes)? My intuition is that if the song is supposed to be happy, ergo if it's to use major... more

What is the most convoluted standard musical form?

In musical composition, we tend to reuse sections of a piece in patterns that are referred to as "musical forms". Some basic examples of these that I know of are ABA, AABA, ABAB, and the rondo form... more

Do capable harmony singers sing in just intonation or tempered tuning?

Given that the human voice is capable of microtonal adjustments to an infinite degree and not limited by the fixed tuning imparted upon an instrument such as a piano - I am wondering if singers who... more

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