college algebra

x/4 + x/6 = 1Fraction of work done by Sue in x hours + Fraction of work done by Joe in x hours = 1 job completed

Math Word Problem

During a tropical storm, an antenna broke loose from the roof of a building 144 feet high. The antenna's distance, d, in feet above the ground after t seconds is given by d =d -16t^2 + 144.... more

Minimum average

Justin needs a 90 average to receive an A in his history class. The class grade consits of four tests, each weighed equally. If Justin's grades on the first three tests are 79,85 and 92, what is... more


How do you get 85 using only the digits 1,1,1,8,2, and 9?

This is a math question in honor of Mickey Mouse's 85th birthday. We can do whatever operation but only can use these digits ONCE. Please Help!!!!!

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