Find the measure of the angles

If the measure of the largest angle of a triangle is nine times the measure of the smallest angle, and the measure of the middle-sized angle is 70 degrees greater than the measure of the smallest... more

Is my answers correct?? trig?help? ratios?

1.) The legs of a right triangle measure 5 inches and 7 units. If theta is the angle between the 5-inch leg and the hypotenuse, cos theta=   I got .58.   SOH CAH... more

Can you tell me if I did this right?

A child is riding a carousel at an amusement park. How long will it take for the child to travel through the given angle at the given angular velocity?  1.) 3 rev/min; 270 degrees   ok, this is... more


Ferris Wheel Physics Problem?

An object is being swung in a circular path at the end of a 30 meter cable. The ball completes 120 revolutions each minute (120 RPM). What is the centripetal acceleration (in m/s^2) of the object?


How do completely factor the expression?



1/12 is the maximum by law

By law,the maximum slope of a wheelchair ramp is 1/12. A ramp is designed that is 4 feet high and has a horizontal length of 50 feet. Does this ramp meet the law? Explain. What could be adjusted on... more


Average speed

A dirtbiker must Circle a 5 mile track twice. His average speed must be 40 mph. On his first lap he averaged 25 mph. How fast must he travel during hissecond lap to qualify? the teacher said the... more


For the linear function f(x) = ax + b. if f(-3) = -1 and f(x + 1) - f(x - 1) = 28, What is the value of f(2)!

This is a linear function that was given to me by my teacher and I don't no how to answer it so can u please help me 


three consecutive integers with the sum of -36. the smallest number is?

I need help in this question. i dont really get it. i could really use some help.


One positive integer is 3 units more than another.

Could someone please work this out for me? I have a really tough time with word problems and this one has me stuck.     One positive integer is 3 units more than another. When the reciprocal of... more


Please solve

The mass of an empty container is 88.25g. The mass of the container and the added liquid with a density of 0.758g/ml is 150.50g. What is the liquid of the container??


water bottle rockets

the height in feet h of a bottle rocket launched from a rooftop is given in the equation h=-16t^2+320t+32, where t is the time in seconds. after the rocket is fired, how long will it take to... more


Math story proble,

a man bought 4 cups of coffee and left a $7 tip a woman bought 8 cups of coffee and left a $2 tip if they paid the same amount how much was each cup of coffee


How do I solve 25+11/22*b=47

My 13 year old son surprises me with this, and other math problems at 10pm. What a surprise to see when I got home from my job that I have been at since 8am this morning. Please help! And sadly I... more


A phone company offers two monthly plans. Plan A costs $27plus an additional $0.11for each minute of calls. Plan B costs $13plus an additional $0.15for each minute of calls. Its asking me For what... more


Factoring Word problem

You have a rectangular stained glass window that measures 3 feet by 2 feet. You have 6 square feet of glass with which to make a border of uniform width around the window. Find the area. Write a... more


Find three consecutive odd intergers

such that three times the first interger, plus four times the second, equals negative thirteen times the third intergers. then I have too write an equation using the intergers solve the equation... more

On a dry asphalt road, a car's stopping distance varies directly as square of its speed

On a dry asphalt road, a car's stopping distance varies directly as square of its speed. A car traveling at 45 miles per hour can stop in 135/2 feet. What is the stopping distance for a car... more


Pablo is 4. His uncle is 6 times his age. At what age will Pablo be half his uncles age

I tried doing  P = 2U  >     P = 2(P+20) but it does not work

Direct Variation

Find an equation of variation in which y varies directly as the square of x and y = 6 when x = 3.

Distance Rate and Time

Two trains leave towns 519mi apart at the same time and travel toward each other. One train travels 17 /mih slower than the other. If they meet in 3 hours, what is the rate of each train?

Calculate the electric field inside and outside the sphere.

A sphere of radius a carries a volume charge density rho = rho-sub-zero(r/a)**2 for r < a. Calculate the electric field inside and outside the sphere. (N.B.: rho-subscript-zero is a constant... more


Velocity question

A cannon is set to launch horizontally, i.e. ?=0°. The ball lands a distance hbelow the cannon and a distance x horizontally away from the cannon. Find the initial velocity of the cannon ball in... more

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