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If X+ 1/X=  √5 (square root of 5) find the value of X^2 (x squared) + 1/X^2     

quadratic applications

The difference of the areas of two squares is 147 square feet. Each side of the larger square is two times the length of a side of the smaller square. Find the length of a side of each square.

Chemistry problem I am stuck! Please help!

If .240 g of an unknown triprotic acid (H3X) requires 18.00 mL of a .500 M NaOH solution for neutralization, what is the molecular weight of the acid? If it is a common phosphorous containing... more

linear equation using the addition method

-3x+6+7y=5 5y=2x  Solve by using linear equations using the addition method

how many tablespoons make a ml?

How many tblspoons equals a ml?

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