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Name a pair of vertical angles

Need the answers for rhis.

the number of teeth front gear is 3 and back is 10 what is the ratio of front to back teeth?

How do i show the work and put this into a proportion?

Math help please!?

Solve the system by the method of substitution. -2x+7y=9 3x+2y=-1


what is the gcf in x3y2+x2y2+x2y

Algebra 1 i need help i dont know how to get the gcf of that x3y2 + x2y2 + x2y ? 

Early civilizations god question!?!

Why were female god images especially important to early civilizations? examples?

A container whose volume is 36 cu in. is filed with damp sand, which is found to weigh 32 ounces, after the sand is dried, it weighs 30.8 ounces

question A: what is the percentage of moisture in terms of the weight of the dry sand? question B: What is the weight per cubic foot of the damp sand?

Helppppp Please ( solving system of equations)

3x+4y=9 4x-37=-13

math question week 8 part 3

What are the steps to find the inverse of a function equation?For example, what is the inverse of f(x) = 2x -7?

Factoring Trinomials: I need a walkthrough of factoring the trinomials.

x2+11x+28 I have no clue how to factor them, but I know how to find a,b, and c.

Find a,b, and c: x squared minus twenty-five.

The title tells it all. Find a,b, and c: x2-25


California's major geological features?

Does most of California's major geological features formed as the result of hot spots?


Write three different improper fractions that equal 4 1/2?

(Hint:find equivalent fractions.). EXPLAIN!

The formula d=15t describes the distance d in miles that Peter can ride his bike in t hours. How far does he ride in 3 hours?

I need help as I don't understand how to begin to figure this problem out.

linear equation help

Consider the linear equation 2x – 5y = 3. (a) Write the linear equation in slope-intercept form. (b) State the value of the slope. (c) State the y-intercept for this line. (d) State a point on... more


Using the quadratic formula to solve 5x = 6x2 – 3, what are the values of x?

Using the quadratic formula to solve 5x = 6x2 – 3, what are the values of x?


explain in your own words what is meant by the phrase ` evolution of the atom`

explain in your own words what is meant by the phrase evolution of the atom

How do you use positive emphasis and you attitude to present your point of view?

If you were at a conference that your boss sent you to and you really did have much information that was good from the meeting except a few, how you you express the positive ememphasis and your... more


Which line from the text best illustrates the "inevitability" of the civil war?

Which line from the text best illustrates the "inevitability" of the civil war?       A)They must repeal their Personal Liberty laws and respect the Dred Scott Decision of the Federal Supreme... more


Which of the following best summarizes the main message of this text?

Read these lines from the text:   These resolutions, demanding in effect that slavery be thus safeguarded-almost to the extent of introducing it into the free states-really foreshadowed the... more


round 60330.12636 two decimal place

 I need to hnow How to round numbers to the decimal place

simplify expressions

Given the functions g(x)=2/2x-5, evaluate and SIMPLIFY each of the following expressions:   -6g(x)-1    


help solving solutions

  1.  Simplify    x-y    +    x+y                     x+y          x-y     I have zero since x-y crosses out x-y and x+y crosses out x+y     2.  solve 12x^2 + 7x = 10      I am trying to... more

functions and formulas

help me translate this into english please!! f(x)=4x^+2;find f(-1) what is this asking? i know that f(x) is the same as y,correct? what do they mean by "find f(-1) are they asking to find x and y?


Find the slope intercept equation of the line passing through the points(-5,-3)and(-2,6).

show how to work the problem out and what formula was used  

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