Midpoint Reiman sums HW help

use a midpoint approximation to find the area under the curve y+x^2-x for [0,2] with n=4. Show all summation.


What is the mean of the set {4,9,18,8,10}?


I need help optimizing this function. Lots of big numbers that confuse me.

937 * (2520x)0.75 + 749 (2520-2520x)0.75 - 106760Optimize this function. I know you have to take the derivative and then set that equal to zero and solve for x but I dont understand how to do this... more


A certain solid sphere has a mass of 6.3 kg and a radius of 0.17 m

A certain solid sphere has a mass of 6.3 kg and a radius of 0.17 m. Compute its moment of inertia for rotations about its center. I =  kg*m2 This question seems fairly simple but I have never done... more


What is the exact value of the trig expression given that sinu= -3/5 and cosv=15/17?

Tan(u+v)Where sinu is 3pi/2<u<2piWhere cosv is 0<u<pi/2


Which of the following represents the simplified form of ...

2-√27 2


Brief Calculus.

The number of patients admitted to a large inner-city hospital is changing by 𝑝′(ℎ)=0.02ℎ3 −0.6ℎ2 +0.4h+10 patients per hour h hours after midnight. a) Find the value and interpret the... more

Find the perimeter, as indicated

Find the perimeter, as indicatedWidth Length Perimeter Areaw 1.5w _________cm 294cm2

Write a quadratic equation that has the given solutions

Write a quadratic equation that has the given solutionsx = 1, x = 8


Write an equation for the ellipse center (0,1), vertices (-2,0) and (2,0) and the minor axis points are (0,2) and (0,0)

Please give step by step to get the equation answer

Find all of the square roots of the perfect square (Simplify answers completely)

Find all of the square roots of the perfect square (Simplify answers completely)25/49


Algebra 1 review

Determine if it will be rational or irrational - a+B rational or irrational ? a-c rational or irrational? A•b rational or irrational ?2/b rational or irrational ?a•b•c ... more


Algebra 1 review

Mary babysits $4 per hour , she works as a tutor for $7 per hour . She’s only allowed to work 13 hours per week , she wants to make at least $65 . Write a system of inequality’s to represent the... more

precalc question

The cities of Abnarca and Bonipto have populations that are growing exponentially. In 1980, Abnarca had a population of 25,000 people. In 1990, its population was 29,000. Bonipto had a population... more


Efficiency, Work, and Energy Physics

A 300 kg golf cart travels at constant speed on level ground. The coefficient of friction is .13. The batteries in the cart supply 2.8 kW of power to the cart’s motor. (a) How fast would the cart... more

Have a final on this please please help me

Find the area (probability) under the standard normal curve between z= -0.52 and z= 2.01Show work


Determine the domain of f(x). Give your answer using interval notation. f(x) =  (x^2 − 25)/(2x^2 − 8x − 10)

I understand that you have to factor the bottom to see what x cannot equal but how do I do that with the numerator and then write it in interval notation? 

domain and range of g(x)=4^x-6

Domain and rameh in interval notation 

Solve the given equation for x

8^x=4    and    9^-2x= (27) ^x-1  


Between what two consecutive powers of 3 does 100 lie?

I need help on this hw i dont know what to do please help me im hopeless im gettinf stressed over rhis one problem i have more hw ro do please help

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