Med math calculations

A healthcare provider has ordered 0.5 g of Ceftriaxone. The nurse has a file labeled 250 MG/ML. How many milliliters will the nurse give the patient? Solve using proportion method or desired... more


Medical Dosage on Antibiotic

While still in the hospital, the doctor writes an order for an antibiotic at 300 mg/kg daily. You are nervous now because the nurse was wrong before.  If you weigh 123 lb, determine how many... more


skin variation questions

Briefly describe the 2 reasons why the Inuit people exhibit somewhat darker skin levels than would be predicted given the UV levels at their latitude.5. What theory do the authors... more


Math 129 nursing math

a patient weighs 235 pounds the daily recommendation safe dosage range for a drug is 0.03-0.04 mg/kg/day. The order is for 4 mg IM every 6h. The strength of the drug is 0.5 mg per ml a) is the... more

she wanted to become a nurse

Change  to complex sentence


Which type of health care facility is best for an individual who needs some help with tasks like cooking and personal care?

adult foster home assisted living residence intermediate nursing care facility rehabilitation center

Standard precautions are the infection control techniques used by nursing assistants and additional precautions are techniques used by nurses and doctors

In this question I need help for my job as an in service paper to be due by tmwr.


What are examples of assault and battery in nursing care?

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