If a man is randomly selected, find the probability that his height is more 72 inches.

7. According to a National Health Survey, American men’s heights are normally distributed with a mean given by 𝜇 = 69.7 inches and a standard deviation given by 𝜎 = 2.8 inches. a). If a man is... more


Calculus - Curve Sketching

A graph of the curve y = f(x) is shown below.A point on the graph, where f '(x) < 0 and f ''( x) < 0 is B D A C


ellipse, please help

Find the standard form for the equation of a circle(x−h)^2+(y−k)^2=r^2with a diameter that has endpoints (−6,8) and (9,3).

Can someone please help I have been struggling figuring the SLQ query on this figure can someone also explain how this works please I Dont want to fail

Please provide how you completed the table I want to learn badlyWrite the correct output for each SQL query. Put your answers in a .txt file (separate the columns properly with the use of the TAB... more


Physics Question

If velocity is negative, and acceleration is negative, the object is speeding up. Is this statement true or false ?


Evaluate the indefinite integral using u-substitution. Use C for the constant of integration.

∫x3√4+x2 dx I’ve done other problems with u-substitution that results du=dx, but I am a little lost on how to start this so any explanation to the result of the answer would be appreciative!


If one student is chosen at random, Find the probability that the student was NOT a female that got a "B"

Giving a test to a group of students, the grades and gender are summarized below A B C Total Male 15 19 10 44 Female 3 17 14 34 Total 18 36 24 78 If one student is chosen at random,Find the... more


i need help with the slope and the equation

Find the slope and y-intercept of the linerepresented by each of the following.  slope:  ; y-intercept: What is the equation of the line


i really need help with this question please

Find the slope and y-intercept of the linerepresented by each of the following.  x y -3 10 0 4 4 -4


Write a rational function that has the following characteristics: (There could be more than 1 possible answer)

Crosses the x-axis at 3 touches the x-axis at -2 has a vertical asymptote at x=1 has a horizontal asymptote at y=2


Multiplying Complex Numbers

Find the solutions to . Write  as either an integer or an integer multiple of .

Method code won't work for capitalization

Hi! I am doing a code for method that will capitalize every other word in an input, however my code below does not work and I can not find the reason. Can someone pls help? static string... more


question 19. (A/D)/(C/B) =

Question 19(A/D)/(C/B) =Select one:a. AB/CDb. AC/BDc. AD/BCd. BC/AD


Consider the function

I've been trying to figure out this problem for some time now. Consider the function f(x)=x4+7√(x).Let F(x) be the antiderivative of f(x) with F(1)=-5Then F(x) =_______________I found the... more


Algebra 2 NEED HELP

The function f has a domain of (2,4,6,8) and a range of 1,5,9. Could f be represented by (2,1)(4,5)(6,9),(8,1)? Justify your answer

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