If a is a negative, odd number, b is a positive, odd number, and c is a negative, even number, then (ab)^2 + c^2 will be which of the following:

A. positive oddB. positive evenC. negative oddD. negative evenI cannot figure out if the negative component of c would also be squared, making it a positive number, or if the negative is not... more

f(1) = 1 and f(n) = 2 · f(n − 1)

what is the 12th term of this sequence?( whole number greater than 1)


In the accompanying diagram of isosceles triangle ABC, AB = BC,m∠ BAC = x, and m∠ABC = x+30

What is the value of x?A. 80B. 75C. 50D. 30

A fair spinner has slots labeled with numbers from 1 to 60. Compute for the probability that:

a. it stops at a number less than 25 or an even number.b. if the pointer stops at an odd number, it is a number between 41 and 55, including 41 and 55.

In a toss of two dice, what is the probability that the sum is a multiple of 3?

(Multiples of 3 are numbers divisible by 3.)


Which set of numbers could not represent the lengths of the sides of a right triangles?

A. {3, 4, 5}B. {6, 9, 12}C. {5, 12, 13}D. {8, 15, 17}

Interesting divisibility problem

Several different numbers are written on the board. Exactly 2 are divisible by 2, and exactly 33 are divisible by 33. Let M be the biggest of them. What is the smallest possible value for M?


x^2 − 16x + 63 /(− 6x + 42)

lim x → 7 Evaluate the limit


Percentage question

So I was working on this SAT question and I got stuck on one question:"If 1 cup of milk is added to a 3-cup mixture that is 2/5 flour and 3/5 milk, what percent of the 4-cup mixture is milk?"I... more

I’ve gotten it wrong many times

After beginning a new position with 9 established accounts, a salesman made it his objective to add 3 new accounts every month. His goal was to reach 51 accounts. At this rate, how many months... more

probability question

Alex went bowling. He managed to get 3 strikes after 15 attempts. If you were to suggest the probability that he gets a strike on his next attempt, what type of probability would you be using?A.... more

Write a recursive rule for the sequence.

x+y, 3x+4y, 5x+7y, 7x+10y, …

You have 10 people in company X, 10 people in company Y and 10 people in company Z. Next year, you have 7 people in company X, 3 people in company Y and 20 people in company Z.

Knowing that 5 people left Z and 15 people joined Z. How many people left X ? Is it solvable ? If no why ?

Can the legs in a right triangle ever be longer than the hypotenuse? Why or why not?

Can the legs in a right triangle ever be longer than the hypotenuse? Why or why not?

Need help with a math questions

If james is starting to save $150 to buy a new cell phone. In January he saved $5. In February he saved twice as much as he saved in January for a total of $15. If James continues to save twice as... more

How would we express the relative probability given odds ratios in this problem?

Hypothetical scenario:Given: In a population, we know there are 3 people who have a car for every 5 people who have a scooter. There are also people who have a bicycle; but we do not know about... more


geometry help please urgent

If students can major either in Humanities or Sciences, which fact establishes that the observation "a student is male" is independent from the observation "a student is a Science major"?  A.    As... more

Divide Using long division

Divide using long division. Write the result as dividend = (divisor)(quotient) + remainder.(3x3 + 14x2 − 2x − 37) ÷ (x + 4)

Solve the quadratic inequality by locating the x-intercept(s) (if they exist), and noting the end behavior of the graph. Begin by writing the inequality in function form as needed.

Solve the quadratic inequality by locating the x-intercept(s) (if they exist), and noting the end behavior of the graph. Begin by writing the inequality in function form as needed.

The sum of three consecutive integers is −384

The sum of three consecutive integers is . Find the three integers.

evaluate the expression. Express the result in scientific notation.

18.48 x 10^5-------------------5.6 x 10^-3
1 3 4 5 6 7 175

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