I need help ASAP Calc problem

A girl flies a kite at a height of 280 feet.The wind carries the kite horizontally away from her at a rate of 24 fps. How fast must she let out string when the kite is 480 feet away from her


Why does salt dissolve better than baking soda?

How is the mass of the Earth determined?

According to textbook knowledge, the mass of the Earth is about $6 × 10^{24}\\,\\mathrm{kg}$. How is this number determined when one cannot just weight the Earth using regular scales?

What industries use statistics?


GRE geometry question?

If you join all the vertices of a heptagon, how many quadrilaterals will you get? Any clues to help me solve the problem.


Is it challenging to learn calculus for business?


How I can solve this: d^2y/dx^2+dy/dx+y=e^arcsinx?

What is the factor for the trinomial?

x^2-x-20my question is how do you solve this because I’m trying to help my students solve this

Solve and round (question in description)

A radio active isotope decays according to the exponential decay equation where t is in days.    Round to the thousandths place.    For the half life: The half life is the solution (t) of the... more

where does the parabola y=x^2+4x-9 intersect the line y=4x

i need coordinates not equations please

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