Statistics Question

Suppose that Y1, Y2,...,Yn constitutes a random sample from the normal distribution with a mean of zero and variance σ2, such that σ2>0. Further, it has been shown that σthe MLE for σ2 is σ2-hat... more


this is my question, can someone help me with it .

Q‒2. A box contains 24 transistors, 4 of which are defective. If 4 are sold at random, find the following probabilities. a) Exactly 2 are defectives.b) None is defective.  c) All are defective.d)... more

Area/volume geometry word problem

A right square prism four feet tall drops snugly through a ten inch square hole. The contents of the prism must be transferred to a right circular cylinder that must barley fit through the same... more

the integral of sqrt (x^2+6x)dx, using trig substitution

Please answer ASAP with step by step solution. Thank you so much!

Function zero problem

find all rational zeros of this functionf(x) = 3x4 + 16x3 - 59x2 - 400x - 400

Need help of max and min calculus, thank you

Find the x-coordinate of the point(s) of inflection on the graph of y = x3 - 12x2 - 5.Options: x = -2 x = 4 x = 2 x = 12

Relation of Rates

If y = x3 + 2x and  , find  when x = 2. Give only the numerical answer. For example, if  = 3, type only 3


binomial distributions

Find the probability of 3 successes in 7 trials of a binomial experiment in which the probability of success in any one trial is 35%. Round to the nearest tenth of a percent.

i need help with this function

consider the function:y={1 if x is rational 0 if x is irrational ( both are inside bracket but couldnt type it like that)Answer one of the following questions:(1) Is this a function?(2) What... more


Find an​ nth-degree polynomial function with real coefficients satisfying the given conditions.

n=32 and 4i are zeroesf(-1)=-51


Hypothesis Testing with One Sample

You are conducting a study to see if the accuracy rate for fingerprint identification is significantly more than 0.87. You use a significance level of α=0.05.H0:p=0.87H1:p>0.87You obtain a... more

An equilateral triangle whose side is 27 inches long is divided into n equilateral triangles whose side lengths are 1 inch. Find n.

An equilateral triangle whose side is 27 inches long is divided into n equilateral triangles whose side lengths are 1 inch. Find n.


Advanced Functions, grade 12

deermine alllinea functions f(x) = ax+b such that if g(x) = f^-1(x), then f(x) -g(x) = 44 for all values of x


Confidence Intervals

1.    The effectiveness of a blood-pressure drug is being investigated. An experimenter finds that, on average, the reduction in systolic blood pressure is 39.4 for a sample of size... more


Geometry Question

In the diagram, lines AB and CB are tangent to the circle at points A and C, respectively. They intersect outside of the circle at point B to form angle CBA, which intercepts major arc APC and arc... more

exponential question

e2x+1 + 9ex - 11 = 0


If 1990 could be considered year zero, which of the above numbers represents the slope and which represents the y intercept?

The USDA reported that in 1990 each person in the United States consumed an average of 133 pounds of natural sweeteners. They also claim this amount has decreased by about 0.6 pounds each year.If... more


Random Variable

Probability Scores 0.05 0 0.05 3 0.15 5 0.05 7 0.15 9 0.35 11 0.2 13 Find the expected value of the above random variable

How to find tan(2x)

If cos x= 21/29, 0° < x < 90°, what is tan(2x)?

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