What is ΔG°rxn?

Given the following equation,H2O(g) + CO(g) → H2(g) + CO2(g) ΔG°rxn = -28.6 kJCalculate ΔG°rxn for the following reaction.7 H2(g) + 7 CO2(g) → 7 H2O(g) + 7 CO(g)


Chemistry for Engineers Gas Law's

if 23.1 g of oxygen occupies a volume of 5.0 l at a particular temperature and pressure, what volume will 2.50 g of oxygen gas occupy under same conditions?


Chemistry Question

A sample of an ideal gas has a volume of 3.15 L at 14.20∘C and 1.50 atm. What is the volume of the gas at 22.20∘C and 0.992 atm?

What is osmotic pressure

Is it different from salt concentration


Do all Chiral molecules have point chirality?

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