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what is 6x - 12 = 18 ?

Rewrite the system of equations in echelon form.

4z = 4 - y - 2z = 06x + 7y + 4z = 8Rewrite in echelon form:Equation 1:Equation 2:Equation 3:

Finding the Inverse of a Matrix

Suppose x ∈ R.Find the inverse of the following matrix: A = [ 1 1 1 ] [ 0 1 1 ] [ x 0 1 ]


determine wheter each given function is contiuous at every real number.explain your answer

y=5x+2 f(x)=1/x2-1 g(x)=(2x-1)3 r(x)=4x+3/x2+4 h(x)=3x2-2x-1/(x-1)2


application to physics and engineering calc 2

A hemisphere plate with diameter 6 ft is submerged vertically 3 ft below the surface of the water. Express the hydrostatic force against one side of the plate as an integral and evaluate it. (Give... more


help with calculus problem

(1 point) For the function  f(x)= x- 4/x, find all values of  in the interval [2,4] that satisfy the conclusion of the Mean-Value Theorem. If appropriate, leave your answer in radical form. Enter... more

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