Two asteroids in the Oort Cloud are on a direct collision path with each other. One asteroid is traveling at 750 km/hr while the other travels at 1050 km/hr.

If the two asteroids are 3.6✕10^6 meters away from each other, how many meters will the faster asteroid have traveled at the time of impact?A) 3.6✕10^6B) 2.1✕10^6C) 1.8✕10^6D) 1.5✕10^6

A question regarding transposition and fugal answers?

Is it compulsory to introduce the answer of a fugue at +5 or -4 scale degrees relative to the home key? I'm not asking whether it's necessary to transpose the answer; my question is whether... more


Is the science of music still evolving?


Record music to a DVD.

Can you add music later to a DVD, or must be done at the same time when recording video


What Was The Most Important People's assembly in Rome

Not really too much understanding whats going on

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