How do you find the perimeter of a square on a grid and the vertical of (1,1) (1,6) (4,6) (4,1)

I dont knowhow to find the perimeter of a polygon with vertics


Jennifer has 30,000 to invest. She wants to invest 65% in stocks, 20% in bonds, and 15% in ash accounts.

Find out the amount of money Jennifer invests in each category.

How many gallons of gas would be used ?

Justin drove 355 miles using 17 gallons of gas. At this rate how many gallons of gas would he need to drive 284 miles?


Find out how many grams in a month.

Jason takes two fish oil capsules every day. If each capsule has 780 milligrams of fish oil, how many grams of fish oil will Jason consume in the month of January? (1 gram = 1000 milligrams)   I... more

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