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Jane painted 2 1/3 all with 2/3 cans of paint. How much paint did she use on one wall

Help having trouble figuring out how to solve this


(EMERGENCY)Logarithms (Simultanoius equation)

Given that a and b are positive constants. Find a and b    ab=25 Log4a - log4b =3


is the volume of this ice cream cone?

I made a large ice cream cone of a composite shape of a cone and hemisphere. If the height of the cone is 10, and the diameter of both the cone and the hemisphere is 6.What is the volume of this... more


-12(-6x-4) < 66

This problem is hard for me but not to you. please get it right or i get in trouble!

Determine the ship's location. LORAN

Three LORAN radio transmitters are used by a ship to triangulate its location. Each transmitter, #1, #2, and #3, transmits signals at regular intervals, and the signals travel at the speed of 0.3... more


How to graph 2 times 1/2 to the x power

i know you can't physically graph this for me but I barely know how to do it with fractions and I'll appreciate if I get some help with this :)

Determine the standard form of the equation of the line that passes through (-7, 8) and (0, -8)

Another question I am stumped on is determine the standard form of the equation of the line that passes through (9, -4) and (6, 4).

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