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Can you solve this word problem?

Patrick is buying a new pair of shoes. the expression. 06s represents the sales tax on the price of the shoes. By what number can patrick multiply the price of the shoes to determine the total... more


find the number

If 7 is added to five times a number, the result is equal to three times the number. Find the number.

Plot the function below.

Plot the function below.     f(x,y)=sin x cos y


Find the area

Find the area of the region bounded by the graphs of y = 1 and y = cos2(x) from x = 0 to x = π.

Could someone tell me if i did this right?

factor: 15x+25     so it will be 5(3x+5)?    

Find the inequalities inside a right angle triangle

the right angle triangle ABC has three vertices A(-3,5) B(3,5) C(-3,-1) the equation of the line BC is y= x + 2 write down the inequalities which define the region INSIDE the triangle ABC the... more


find the slope-intercept form of the line satisfying the given conditions. .

Slope 2/7, y intercept form of the line is y=

find the measure of the corresponding leg on the smaller leg.

An ocean liner is flying two similar triangular flags on a flag pole. The altitude of the larger flag is three times the altitude of the smaller flag. If the measure of a leg on the larger flag is... more

Differentials Problem

a ship is 1/2 mile from the base of a bridge. The angle of elevation from the boat to the top of the bridge is 3 degrees with a possible error of plus or minus 0.15 degrees. what is the calculated... more


In square ABCD, AC and BD intersect at E. Find the measure of every single angle in the diagram. If the measure of angle CED is represented by 5z+10, find the value of z.


Algebra 2 Word Problems

Three dozen eggs and five loaves of bread cost $6.90; fourdozen eggs and two loaves of bread cost $5.70. Find theprices for a dozen eggs and for a loaf of breadWhen the product of three consecutive... more


If it takes a big pump 3 hours to drain a pool and 12 hours with a small pump. How long will it take to drain a pool with both

 3 hours to drain pool with a big pump. Same pool takes 12 hours to drain pool.  How long to drain the pool with both pumps. 

Help please?

Maggie has a job working in an office for $10 an hour and another job driving a tractor for $12 an hour. One week she works in the office twice as long as she drives the tractor. Her total income... more


I need help on an algebra word problem!!

A cylindrical cooking pot has a diameter of 26cm and a height of 15cm. What is the volume of the pot, i.e.: how much water can it hold? Give answers in liters and gallons.

Find and Interpret

The cost, in dollars, to produce x number of equipment is C(x) = 5x + 5000, x ≥ 0 andthe price-demand function, in dollars per equipment, is p(x) = 7.50, 0 ≤ x.C(x) denotes the cost to produce x... more


A gardener used 5 kilograms of fertilizer over the course of 6 weeks.How much fertilizer did he use each week

The answer has to be a ratio and please hep meay


What is written in expanded form?

What is log(3y/e) written in expanded form?   A.  log e – y log 3 B. y log 3 – log e C. 3 log y + log e D.  log (3 + y) – log e  


How to factor large trinomials like 12x^2+47x+40

I know the basics of factoring, and I know the add-to multiply-to method, and I know how to guess and check. I figured put the answer using a trinomial factoring calc online, but I'd like to know a... more


three sides of cube

500cm3=     800cm3=

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