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Consider the given reaction.A(aq)+B(s)↽−−⇀C(aq)𝐾=9.40 Suppose  13.7 mol A  reacts with excess  B  in  5.90 L  of solution. Calculate the concentration of  C  at equilibrium.


help, I got a question wrong in chem class, and I can't figure it out, can someone please help?

How many calories are in 5 large eggs if one egg contains 6 grams of fat and 6 grams of protein?Carbohydrate = 4kcal/gFat= 9kcal/gProtein = 4kcal/gAnswer: a) 400 calb) 4 calc) 80 cald) none of the... more


Gen Chem Question

A 1.800 g sample of solid phenol (C6H5OH) was burned in a bomb calorimeter whose total heat capacity is 7.854 kJ/°C. The temperature of the calorimeter plus contents increases from 21.36 °C to... more


inductive reasoning

Use inductive reasoning to predict the most probable next number in each list.4, 9, 19, 34, 54, 79, ?


Stoichiometry question

Consider the unbalanced reaction NiS2 + O2 = NiO + SO2 When 10.7 g of NiS2 reacts with 6.11 g of O2, 4.86 g of NiO are obtained. The theoretical yield of NiO is____, the limiting reactant is _____... more


A certain volume of a gas had a pressure of 800 torr at a temperature of -40 degrees C. What was the original volume if the volume at STP is now 450.0 cm^3?

the correct answer is 365 cm^3. I just need an explanation. Thank you!

Convert 4.46 mol of hydrogen gas, to g


A flexible container at an initial volume of 3.10 L contains 4.51 mol of gas. More gas is then added to the container until it reaches a final volume of 15.7 L.

Assuming the pressure and temperature of the gas remain constant, calculate the number of moles of gas added to the container.


Statistics Task

A regression equation was computed to be y = 5 + 3x. What is the purpose of a regression equation? what does the 3 represent in this model ? what does the 5 represent in this model? if the model... more


Soft drinks usually have a pH of 3.1. What is the [H+] concentration in a soft drink?

the the answer in the correct number of significant figures.


7. The pH of blood plasma from a patient was found to be 7.6, a life-threatening situation. Calculate the ratio [HCO3-]/[H2CO3] in this sample of blood plasma.

7. The pH of blood plasma from a patient was found to be 7.6, a life-threatening situation. Calculate the ratio [HCO3-]/[H2CO3] in this sample of blood plasma. (Ka of H2CO3, carbonic acid, is... more

calculating volume of co2

what is the volume of carbon dioxide gas formed at s.t.p when 2.15 g of liquid hexane is completely burnt in the air. (H=1, C=12, 1 mole of gas occupies a volume of 22.4dm3 at s.t.p)


Please choose the write answer

The POH of a soft drink is 10.6. What is its hydronium ion concentration?a) 1.0*10^-7 Mb)2.5*10^3 Mc)5.0*10^-4d)4.0*10^-4 M


Please choose the write answer

The Ka for Formic acid is 1.8*10^-4 what is the Kb of its conjugate base?a)5.6*10^-11b)5.6*10^11c)1.8*10^-4d)1.8*10^10


Please choose the write answer

What is the POH of a 0.500 M solution of trim ethyl amine (Kb=7.4*10^-5)?a)4.42b)2.22c)5.91d)11.8

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