Gene frequencies of populations Not in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium

Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium assumes p^2+2pq+q^2 of a single gene, generation after generation ie. gene frequencies DO NOT change over time. If this was true in nature populations would never... more


Gene frequencies of a Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium population

Given p=frequency A gene q=frequency a geneWhat are the genotypes and their ratios in a population in Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium?


Monohybrid mating

Mating Aa x AaIndicate genotype and phenotype of the offspring and what proportions of each?


Mating AaBb x AaBb

MatingAaBb x AaBb produces what genotypic and phenotypic ratios in the offspring?

Books on population or evolutionary genetics?

I have recently been involved in collaborations that require me to model the population genetics of eukaryotic populations. I fear I may either be "re-inventing the wheel" or making conceptual... more

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