A question about Wechselpräpositionen

I study german in entry level, My source is Spektrum A1+In lesson 7, there is a sentence i didn't understand, it says: Die Gäste fahren in Zügen So my question is: why "Zügen" is in dativ not... more


Where is the mistake?

As-tu acheté des oranges ?Oui, je les ai acheté.

For my History homework, I am to write down the three agreements at Yalta. Is my answer correct?

Three agreements were made at Yalta: 1. Stalin agreed to fight alongside the Japanese in the war. 2. Germany was to be divided into four zones, each controlled by the USSR, the United States,... more


Find the mistakes in this French passage.

Une journée avec AliceChaque jour, Alice me leve vers six heure et prend une petite-déjeuner composé de pain, de fromage et d’œufs. Ensuite, elle prennent sa douche et me prépare pour filer en dix... more


Conjugative form of these -cer verbs: Tu (lancer) nous (remplacer)

Lancer (meaning to throw)When conjugating to the nous form which end in cer the c becomes ç before an “a” or an “o”.Eg: Tu (commencer) Tu commences. ... more


Adjectives or nouns in a prepositional phrase

"Everyone from far and near came." ( Considering this is a prepositional phrase, which figures of speech are 'far' and 'near' individually in this sentence: adjectives or nouns?)

How would the meaning of this passage change if he had used the word “anger” instead of the word “rage”?

In the following passage from "The Perils of Indifference," Elie Wiesel describes the memory of being liberated from the Buchenwald concentration camp by American soldiers. How would the meaning of... more


A fog blew in as the crickets chirped. Which of the following options adds a prepositional phrase to the sentence?

A fog silently blew in as the crickets chirped. A chilly, wet fog blew in as the crickets chirped. A fog blew in as the crickets gently chirped. A fog blew in around the trees as the... more


write a paragraph using these words

write a paragraph using these word : habitsEffectivecomplycharacter


"liaison" and "enchâinement"

What is the difference and why does it matter?

When do I use past tense and past participle?

It can be tricky to know which one to use when talking about situations that already happened. How can you figure out the difference?

What is a subject, and what is an object?


what type of figurative language is this?

" lit a fire in me"


the past tense of the word bring is?

political polarization in usa

consequences of increased political polarization in usa

Is "Where do you sit?" correct for asking someone where their workspace is?

At work, if I had to ask someone where exactly they worked, as in where their workspace/cubicle is, what should I say? Is "where do you sit?" the usual thing to say? I'm from India and hear this... more


Use of “es” to anticipate a following clause?

I’m working my way through Hammer’s _Practicing German grammar_ workbook (second edition) using the _German grammar and usage_ textbook (fourth edition). I’m in chapter three and everything is... more

Adverb clause: his delight evident?

I recently have come across a clause, *his delight evident*, reading a novel. Which I have found tricky to understand. I have been able to get to the meaning yet not to the structure it possesses.... more


The Germanic and Latinate languages are the major contributors to the development of English

The Germanic and Latinate languages are the major contributors to the development of English

German word order

the instructions say: Bilden Sie die Sätze um, aber ohne das Akkusativobjekt an den Anfang des Satzes zu stellen.   I'm stuck on a couple of the sentences because in English I am bad at doing... more

what percentage of taxes do people who live with socialism have to pay?

Its for my project due tomorrow and i need an answer pronto because i cant find the  answer anywhere online and i also need to know what are other cons for socialism 

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