"YOUR" and "YOU'RE"

These words are so confusing. How do I know which one is appropriate to use?

Do you have experience with the adult English as a Second language learner ?

Yea, I have taught students from Laos, Cambodia , and China . I love to teach English . I have also taught English in China . I will be teaching a masters class in China next summer. I can teach... more

Alert when I receive an email from a certain sender in my Gmail account?

I am looking for a Google Chrome extension or Windows 7 program that can trigger a visual, hard-to-miss notification whenever I receive an email from a certain sender (defined by a specific email... more

Negative Questions

How would I answer negative questions in the correct way?For example: Are you not going with us?No = Meaning I'm not going with them?Yes= I am going with them?Is this Correct? P.S - Can you explain... more

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