What is " y = ⅗x + 4" in standard form using integers?

-3x - 5y = 20-3x + 5y = 45x - 3y = 20-3x + 5y = 20

Algebra Problem! Please Help Me!

Simplify: (5√(25)2 √5)(A) 5(9/4)(B) 25 8√25(C) 5(9/10)(D) 3125√5(E) None of the above


Help PLEASE and Explain it. Thank You!

Erica wants to put bushes up along the sides of his rectangular garden. If the width of the garden is 3 feet less than the length and the area of the garden is 108 square feet, what is the width... more


Factor the trinomial 2x^2+17x+21


Math Test Need Help

you have a rectangular area that measures 40 ft (12m) x 300 ft (90 m) If this area will be Fertilized at a rate of 12 lb per 1000 sq ft (6 kg per 100 sq m) how many lbs (kg) of fertilizer will you... more


Math question from my real life shoe store shopping experience.

Leah and Ariah went to the shopping store where there was a deal- Buy two shoes and get the lesser values pair of shoes for 25$. Leah bought a shoe worth 70$ and so Ariah asked Leah to pay for her... more

can somone please check my work.

The data from placebo 0mg is listed below. 57,27,32,31,34,38,71,33,34,53,36,42,26,52,36,55,36,42,36,54,34,29,33,33     What is the mean number of correct responses of the participants after... more

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