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From Statement into symbolic form, with truth table

If fortune tellers make accurate predictions, then either they have psychic powers or are good at reading body language.(A,P,B) The first one is true, and the second and third are false.

Prove or Disprove

(a) ∀a, b, c, m ∈ Z +, if a ≡ b (mod m), then c a ≡ c b (mod m). (b) For any positive odd integer n, 3|n or n 2 ≡ 1 (mod 12).


Math Help Trigonometry

The recommended angle for a wheel chair ramp is 5 degrees. If the rise of the ramp to go up the steps is 6 feet, find the horizontal run length that the ramp must start. 


Given: ab is congruent to db and eb is congruent to db. Prove angle D is congruent to angle A using a formal proof

Formal Proof that I need help with please answer quick I have a due date of today and cannot fail this please help whoever is out there


What is the highest rate of non defective CD players that the manufacturer could claim under the following condition?

A manufacturer finds that in a random sample of 100 of its CD players, 96% have no defects. The manufacturer wishes to make a claim about the percentage of non defective CD players and is prepared... more


What is Partial Ordering in Discrete Mathematics?


Assignment Question

Let R be a relation on a set A. R is antisymmetric iff Vx,y e A, if x R y and y R x, then x = y. or, equivalently: R is antisymmetric iff Vx,y E A, if (x, y) E R and (y, x) E R, then... more

Conditional Probability

Assume that Pr[E]=1/2 , Pr[E|F]=2/5, and Pr[E’ intersectionF’]=4/151) find Pr[F]2) find Pr[E intersection F]

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