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Lagann (#2), Marin, Elizabeth Shaw (Lil, Tuffel, and Bitch face), Arigto, Ritsko, genova (#8), sephiroth, Fluren, Jehova, Original-Serrendipidius (White and Blue), Guren, Raphael, "Your Angels"... more


A random variable X has the following probability distribution

A random variable X has the following probability distribution: x 0 1 3 4 5 6 7 P(X=x) 0 k 2k 3k k^2 2k^2 7k^2+kfind k.


Ap Calculus AB.

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Algebra: Groups

Question :Determine whether each of the following given sets is a group with respect to the indicated operation. Show your work.(b) The set E of all even integers with operation addition.My work... more


Math 143 Quantitative Literacy

Find the savings plan balance after 6 months with an APR of 6​% and monthly payments of $150.


Steph Curry is a 90% free throw shooter. Suppose he shoots 10 free throws in a game. What is his expected number of shots made? What is the probability that he makes at least 8 free throws?

Steph Curry is a 90% free throw shooter. Suppose he shoots 10 free throws in a game. What is his expected number of shots made? What is the probability that he makes at least 8 free throws and... more


Need help answering my stats problem

When 475 junior college students were​ surveyed, 195 said that they have previously owned a motorcycle. Find a point estimate for​ p, the population proportion of students who have previously owned... more


Statistics for hypothesis

The following table lists the frequency distribution of cars sold at an auto dealership during the past 12 months.  Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Cars... more

Statistics problem

A random sample of 100 full-grown lobsters had a mean weight of 26 oz. Construct a 90% confidence interval for the population mean if σ= 3.8 oz(If possible show how to do on a TI-83 or TI-84... more

Algebra Problem! Please Help Me! I Need This Answered Today!

Solve the system: x2 + y2 = 373x - 9 = yThere are two solutions: (x1, y1) (x2, y2).Evaluate: x1+y1+x2+y2=(A) 0(B) (-21+2/3)(C) (3+3/5)(D) (7+3/7)(E) None of the aboveFor this I got; (C) (3+3/5). Is... more


Help Please Stuck

There are declining levels of cooperation among persons contacted in surveys and this brings concerns to pollsters. A pollster contacts 81 people in the 18-21 age bracket and finds that 69 of them... more


See attached questions

5.2/6 The one-time fling! Have you ever purchased an article of clothing (dress, sports jacket, etc.), worn the item once to a party, and then returned the purchase? This is called a one-time... more


Can someone please help me?

Suppose you have 10 white balls, 10 black balls, and 2 baskets. You may place some of the balls into one basket and the remaining balls into the other basket however you wish. After you are done,... more


Roll of the dice simulation

I have 3 dice and a $1 wager. I roll the first dice. Whatever the result, I want to roll the second dice such that it is lower than the first. So, if I roll a 3 on the first dice, I want to roll... more


Calculating amounts

Greetings, if you have 144 people per 10,000 with an illness. How many people would that be for 260 million people. I just want to understand the calculation. I did it a couple of different ways,... more


Which statement is accurate about these two events?

Let Events A and B be described as follows: P(A) = computer will break P(B) = will listen to music The probability that your computer will break is 58% and so is the probability that you will... more


If the probability buying a boat is 62%are buying a boat and boat trailer independent?

Let Events A and B be described as follows: P(A) = buying a boat P(B) = buying a boat trailer The probability that you buy a boat trailer is 55% The probability of buying a boat trailer and a boat... more


find the z-score corresponding to x=17.8


Find P(A|B) with using 4 decimal places?

Suppose that A and B are two events for which P(A)=0.15, P(B)=0.65 and P(A and B)=0.39


What is the probability it came from factory A?

Factories A and B produce computers. Factory A produces 2 times as many computers as factory B. The probability that an item produced by factory A is defective is 0.032 and the probability that an... more


Statistics Question

Based on a pole 60% of adults believe in reincarnations assume that six adults are randomly selected and find the indicated probability. Part a. What is the probability that exactly 4 of the 5... more


A fair coin is flipped 6 times. Find the probability that heads was flipped exactly 4 times.

I do not know what formulas to use for this problem.

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