Is there any documentation on the creation of Article 1 Section II of the US constitution?

I'm doing some personal research on the electoral college as it has been becoming more and more relevant in modern US elections. I've seen tons of people talking about how it was designed to... more


Could someone please help with this question

A population of values has a normal distribution with μ=73 and σ=42.8. You intend to draw a random sample of size n=194. Find the probability that a sample of size n=194 is randomly selected with a... more


What is the difference between a degree and radian?

What is a radian? What is the fundamental difference between a degree and a radian? Why is expressing an angle in radian measure is preferable to other measures of angles?


Find an nth-degree polynomial function with real coefficients satisfying the given conditions.

N=32 and 4i are zerosF(-1)=51My instructor explained it but I still don't understand what to do


If a total of 55 students played a sport, what is the minimum who played both ?

At GCCP, 44 students played football and 35 played basketball. Some of the students counted played for both. 


A grandfather is 5 times as old as his granddaugter. In 6 years, he will be 4 times as old as his granddaughter will be find the age of each person now

this confuses me If you could solve it and show me how to do it as simply as you can then thanks


How many students now at the party like to dance?

You're hosting a party. 75% of the students are girls. 30% of the students like to dance. Some more friends arrive: a group of 12 boys. All 12 boys like to dance! Now, the party is 70% girls.How... more


Determine an exact value of b such that csc (6b+pi/8)=sec(2b-pi/8)

This is part of the equivalent trigonometric expressions.   The answer is: answers may vary. Sample answer:pi/16   How do I get this?

i need help with algebra word question

a rectangles length is 8 cm more than 3 times its width. if the perimeter is 128 cm . what is the length and the width.


help with word problem!

a cars radiator currently contains 2 quarts of liquid which is 25% antifreeze. How many quarts of 100% antifreeze must be added to increase the antifreeze content to 60%?

Assume we invest $2000 for one year in a savings account that pays an APR of 10% compounded quarterly.

Compare the earnings to what simple interest or semiannual compounding would yield. Earnings with simple interest are $190 and earnings with semiannual compounding are $207.62. Earnings with... more


I need help with geometry angles?

If supplement of an angle has a measure 78 less than the measure of the ange, what are the measures of the angles?


A grocery store has four check-out counters. The average service rate for each check-out counter is 22 customers per hour. The average arrival rate is 82 customers per hour. Assuming it is a... more


how to prove cotsquared 2A=(1 + sin 2A)/1-sin2A

how to prove cot squared 2A=(1 + sin 2A)/1-sin2A


2. A game has a deck of cards that are colored red, blue, yellow, and green. Shawn has 5 cards in his hand. If Shawn’s cards are only blue and yellow, how man

  A game has a deck of cards that are colored red, blue, yellow, and green. Shawn has 5 cards in his hand. If Shawn’s cards are only blue and yellow, how many different combinations of blue and... more


Statistic question?

If we have an SRS of 1600 students and the sample mean = 148.  Compare with an SRS of 900 students with the margin of error for a 95% confidence interval of µ is ?  the answer should be smaller.  I... more


Statistics Question

If a specimen is weighed 8 times on a scale.  σ = 0.001.  The average weight is 4.1602 grams.  A 99% confidence interval for the true weight of this specimen would be?


Statistics Question I can't get the correct answer

The time until maturity of a certain variety of tomato plant normally distributed with mean µ and standard deviation σ = 2.4 days.  I select a simple random sample of four plants of this variety... more


Find the steady state vector for this transition matrix

        .6      .4 T=          .55   .45 


can someone help

1.  Suppose that in a town, everybody drives a Chevy, Ford or Honda.  A survey indicates that of the current Chevy drivers, 25% will buy a Ford and 30% will buy a Honda next time.  Of the current F... more


secant AB intersects circle O at D, secant AOC intersects circle O at E, AE=4,AB=12, and DB=6. What is the length of OC?

Choices are: a. 9 b. 7 c. 4.5 d. 14   I already tried x2 =(12)(6) and I got 6 square root 2 and also attempted 4x=(12)(6), which=18.

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