How far does the jet travel during the 7 s?

A jet aircraft with a mass of 4,400 kg has an engine that exerts a force (thrust) equal to 60,200 N.What is the jet's acceleration when it takes off? (Give the magnitude.)What is the jet's speed... more


Angle Relationship Part 1

In the accompanying diagram , overleftrightarrow AB and overleftrightarrow CD intersect at E. Angles AEC and DEB measure 2x - 6 and 6x - 50 respectively . Find the value of x.


Limiting Reactants Chemistry

Consider the reaction of phosphorus with water and iodine. 2P (s) + 6H2O (l) + 3I2 (s) 6HI (aq) + 2H3PO3 (aq) Determine the limiting reactant in a mixture containing 128 g of P, 361 g of H2O,... more


What is the force in pounds that acts on him during the launch phase of this ride?

The Kingda Ka roller coaster in New Jersey is the world's tallest ride of its kind. As the passenger cars are launched from rest at the start, they are accelerated uniformly to a speed of 57... more


What is the acceleration of the jet in m/s2?

On aircraft carriers, catapults are used to accelerate jet aircraft to flight speeds in a short distance. One such catapult takes a 17,600-kg jet from 0 to 68 m/s in 2.6 s. (Assume the catapult... more


Solve for b

(B+2)(b-3)=-6 solve for b 


Find its acceleration vector?

A particle moves in the xy-plane so that at any time t its coordinates are x=t^2 and y=4-t^3. Find its acceleration vector at t=1.    Answer: (2, -6)   Please show all your work. 


Convert the following fraction or mixed number to a percent. 1/8

Convert the following fraction or mixed number to a percent. 1/8

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