A movie theater is testing out their soda machine to see if it is dispensing the same amount for their “small-sized” sodas

 A quality control engineer is concerned that the machine is under filling the cups. He draws a random sample of 8 cups and records the following... more


P-Value and Test Statistic

Physicians at a clinic gave what they thought were drugs to 840 patients. Although the doctors later learned that the drugs were really placebos, 58% of the patients reported an improved condition.... more


Use the table below to calculate the rate of inflation between 2008 and 2009.

Year Consumer Price Index 2008 150 2009 165 Inflation Rate between 2008 and 2009=

i dont get how to solve this question.

what is the answer to 6 > y + 3 ?


Perpetuities - Annuities

A perpetuity pays $2X one year from today. The payments increase by 5% per year thereafter. The effective annual interest rate on this perpetuity is 6%. The present value is $32,400. A second... more

Annual interest rate

Sally invests $4000 in a savings account which compounds interest monthly. After 10 years, she has a balance of $4,491.73. What is the annual interest rate of the account, rounded to the nearest... more


True or False?

When the necessary conditions are met, a two-tail test is being conducted to test the difference between two population means, but your statistical software provides only a one-tail area of 0.156... more

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