Word for a small taste of drink?

My Italian family members will use a word that sounds like "spudatza" to refer to a small taste of a drink."Would you like to try this wine?""Just a spudatza"What word is this?

La Mia Famiglia or Mia Famiglia?

I am confused as I thought Mia Famiglia translated to My Family, but I was recently corrected and told it was La Mia Famiglia... what is the difference?

“Avere senso” vs “fare senso”?

My girlfriend is Italian and I've been learning Italian for some time now. I've always used "Fa senso" and she never corrected me. Recently I befriended a girl and when she heard me saying "fa... more

Difference between "darsi del tu" and "del lei"?

In Italian there's the usage of "darsi del tu" (referring to your interlocutor in second person singular) and "darsi del lei" (using instead the feminine third person singular).What's the... more

What is a "utenza fissa"?

While filling out an address form, I came across the field "Utenza fissa". I checked dictionaries and online translators. The result was not very satisfying:I found the following meanings for... more

The origin of "in bocca al lupo" and its usage?

I know that "in bocca al lupo" means "good luck", but what's its origin and when is it used?

Is there an Italian equivalent word for "cool"?

I always had trouble translating "cool" in Italian.It's tempting to translate the English term "cool" with "figo"; this seems to convey the wide *meaning* of cool well enough (surely better than... more

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