Quadtratic Patterns Question

Consider the sequence below:11, 14, 19, 26, 35 …What explicit expression can be used to find the nth term of this sequence?


Statistics: How many cards does the student expect to draw until the ace of spades appears?

A student draws cards from a standard deck of playing cards until the ace ofspades appears for the first time. After every unsuccessful draw, the student replacesthe card and shuffles the deck... more

How can I estimate the probability of a random variable from one population being greater than all other random variables from unique populations?

Lets assume I have samples from 4 unique populations. Let's also assume I have a mean and standard deviation from each of these populations, they are normally distributed and completely independent... more


diverge or converge

please provide if it diverges or converges and please provide steps.∞∑ sin (6n2+5 /n5+5)n=1

Can we prove that this equation is positive or negative definite by factorizating it ?

p(x,y,z) = 3x2 + y2 +2z2 - 2xy +2xz - 2yz


Solve equation for unknown angle

I've been solving equations like 2(sinx)^2+sinx=1 that can be done using factoring and that's not too hard. But now I have an equation sinx-cosx=1/2 and nothing is squared so I don't know how to... more

If A+B matrix and A and B are invertible then prove :

(A-1 + B-1 )-1 = A(A+B)-1 B =B(A+B)-1 A


Calculus Trig EVP

Find the absolute minimum value of f(x) = 4sin^2(x) + 5cos^2(x)on [-pi, pi]

differential equation

Find the value of a for which the polynomial x^5-ax²-ax+1has −1 as a root with multiplicity at least 2.


Determine the constant term in the expansion of



find the arc length of the graph of the function over the indicated interval

y= 3/2x2/3 [1,8]


Find all solutions to equation sin t - cos t = 1

express results in radians


Calculus Question

Find the distance between the point P (−2,0,3) and the plane π: 2x − 3y + z − 6 = 0.


Help with linear algebra

is the function below a linear transformation? why or why not? T:C3 ---> C2, T([x1][x2][x3]) = [-1x1-7x2+3x3],[-1x1+8x3-5]


Is cluster sampling a form of random sampling?

I learned in my stats class that cluster sampling is when you divide the population into subgroups called clusters, pick some of the clusters randomly, then select every member of the chosen... more

Solve for exact solutions csc(4x)=1 [0,2pi)


What is the rule for the domain of 2,4,6,8 and the range of 2,3,4,5

Rule:?Domain: 2,4,6,8Range: 2,3,4,5


Finding Where the slope is Undefined

So I was helping a student with a problem today. The answer we tried to submit was wrong and I'm not sure I understand why.The question was:Find where the slope is undefined for x = 4sec(y)At first... more


Find a solution to the system of equations by finding the reduced row-echelon form of the augmented matrix for the system of equations.

Find a solution to the system of equations by finding the reduced row-echelon form of the augmented matrix for the system of equations. a. c. b. d.          Please select the best answer... more

Binomial distribution

Determine whether or not the procedure described results in a binomial distribution. Identify why or why not. Four hundred different voters in a region with two political parties; A and B, are... more

Find the domain. F(x)=(x+2)(x-2)/x^2+4

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