How can I stop Excel from opening a second blank window when opening a file from Explorer?

When I open an Excel file from Windows Explorer, I always get a second Excel window as well. Annoyingly, when I close it, it doesn't close, but the other window does!This seems to be a common... more


How to drop a table if it exists in SQL Server?

The table name is `Scores`. Is it correct to do the following? IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM dbo.Scores) DROP TABLE dbo.Scores


Is it possible to GROUP BY multiple columns using MySQL?

Is it possible to `GROUP BY` more than one column in a MySQL `SELECT` query? For example: GROUP BY fV.tier_id AND 'f.form_template_id'


how do I query sql for a latest record date for each user?

I have a table that is a collection entries as to when a user was logged on. username, date, value -------------------------- brad, 1/2/2010, 1.1 fred, 1/3/2010, 1.0 bob, ... more


A number t multiplied by -4 is at least -2/5

Write this word sentence as an inequality.

Help me please!

  A particular state computed income tax, T (in dollars) on a person’s income, x (in dollars), by the following formula: T(x)=(0.018x if 0 ≤x≤5,000 90+0.025(x-5,000) ... more

f Rachael rides for 12 hours on a bicycle, what is her rate if she rides for 84 miles?

if Rachael rides for 12 hours on a bicycle, what is her rate if she rides for 84 miles?


Find the mean, median and mode income of the eight construction workers.

The annual incomes of a sample of 8 construction workers in Regina are as follows: $71 500, $74 900, $69 700, $82 300, $78 500, $73 100, $73 100, and $83 400. Find the mean, median and mode income... more

Solve for x, such that 0 <= pi < 2pi

2cos(x/2) + √3 = 0


How Many perfect squares less than or equal to 100 are the sum of two consecutive whole numbers

I do not know any other things about the problem

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