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Technical Communications - blogs

Which is an appropriate strategy for using a workplace blog? A Use a professional tone. B Use an informal tone in internal blogs. C Treat internal blogs as personal communication.

What is the right software to use for my project?

I have a vision for a project, but what are the right tools for the job? There are so many creative programs out there, which is the right one for me to use?For example, I'm heading up a marketing... more
Web Design



Redefine the C# code below tp HTML,CSS.//truck sells registerbool isMoreItems;string inputStr2;int inputInt2;double subTotal;const double tax = 0.06;double sumTotal;int payAmount;Dictionary foods =... more
Web Design


Computer Science

You are to create a mini online grocery store with html and css.It should include a section where students can can log in with their student ID and pin assuming the website already has the data of... more


Would you like to learn WordPress, Web Dev, Graphic Design, or Painting and Drawing?

Would you like to learn to create and manage a WordPress site?How about designing the site, UI/UX, or content creation and SEO?Would you like to learn Graphic Design and Adobe Creative Cloud... more
Web Design Web Development


Web Development

Who wants to learn Vue.js, asp.Net core, Angular, html, css, scss, jQuery, Material Design with Bootstrap? Contact me for details or hire me to teach.
Web Design


How do I know if a site template is coded or ready?

Please take a look at... more
Web Design Html Javascript Css


If you could make social media better, as a web developer, how would you?

How can you actually make social media more sociable, less toxic, less fraud prone and educative?
Web Design Server Seo Webserver


My Blog speed is very bad at 8 seconds.

Pingdom report says it makes 50 DNS requests and waiting time of requests from Server is too much.I have Blue Host and Wordpress.https://www.how2havefun.com/This is my sitePlease suggest what to do?


website corrupted

I asked several questions on this website for help on my work and havebt got a single response and all my questions are valid and releveant. What do i do?
Web Design Ui/ux Design


Creating UI Interface for CDS Alert System

In a proposed Clinical Decision Support alert system in EPIC Health database system for pediatric glaucoma patients who had recent surgery, it will serve alerts to the opthalmology administrative... more


How do I set up a website? How do I get a domain? Is wordpress hard to learn?

You can do this! You can jump into web design & web development if you set your mind to it and believe in your self. Just take IT Web Development/Web Design in little pieces. You will... more


Are you looking to start a career in web development?

I am familiar with full stack web development, front-end development, back-end development, WordPress, PHP, javaScript, HTML, CSS, plugins, API’s integrations, applications, database, SQL,
Web Design Html Programming Css


How do I create a link to a location in a page, when sections are accordion collapsed using CSS?

The page is divided into different categories which can be collapsed (accordion), and using the regular <a href> does not work. That only works when linking to a location in the same section... more
Web Design Html


I have created a form on html coding and im really blank on how to get the input data in a data base bellow is the program i coded now i want its input from the website to be stored in a excel file

<section id="contact" > <div class="container"> <div class="row"> <div class="sec-title text-center wow animated... more
Web Design


What is the most effective setting for optimizing a JPEG?


HTML Checkboxes

How do we create a checkbox of the following format in HTML?Colors (checkbox icon) red (checkbox icon) green (checkbox icon) redI could only do it as folows :Colors (checkbox... more


webpage is blank

what to write when the webpage is blank and it is going to be filled in future
Web Design Coding


Want some coding help please...

Hey, so I’m making a social media, and I need to make a code that allows you to make a group chat and chat on it, any ideas? I’m coding in html so yeah, no c# or crap
Web Design Database Mysql


Godaddy's database is full and need to upgrade

What would be the best way to update database storage. whats the best solution to upgrade database storage?I can not install WordPress due to storage limitation.
Web Design Optimize


How to optimize Shopping website?

I am working on shopping website it has not much data on the webpages, the only photo is there on webpages , so anybody gives me suggestion how can I optimize this site.
Web Design


What are the steps in designing a website?

Calling all Web Designers :)I am starting to make a website for a small business in my hometown and it will be my first proper project. I have made sites in the past, which I have done for leisure.... more
Web Design


"This page is under construction" message or no page at all?

From a **Design** point-of-view, if a page is not ready yet, but the rest of the site is; would it be better to: 1. Have a 'this page is under construction' message, or 2. Not have the page at... more
Web Design


Do web designers use the standard IAB web advert sizes when adding banners?

I was wondering if there are standard sizes which designers use when you want to reserve space for a web advert on their website design. I'm aware of these sizes given by IAB:... more

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