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If Sinθ+sin²θ=1 Prove that cos²θ+Sin⁴θ=1


Solve the equation for 0<q<360. Secθ=(2sqrt3)/3

Trig equation and identity 


Prove each trigonometric identities. 

Verify the following Identity:



prove that sin(45+x).sin(45-x)=1/2cos2x

trig exercise of sums and differences identities

If cosα=0.891 and cosβ=0.577 with both angles’ terminal rays in Quadrant-I, find the values of tan(α+β)Your answers should be accurate to 4 decimal places. please help, thanks!

trig exercise of sums and differences identities

If cosα=0.173 and cosβ= 0.432 with both angles’ terminal rays in Quadrant-I, find the values of cos(α+β)=? cos(α-β)=? Your answers should be accurate to 4 decimal places. please help! thanks !

Solve on the interval [0,2pi) 1-cos theta = (2 - sqrt 3)/2

I dont quite remember how to solve this, if anyone could help.

Need Help Solving cos -105 with sum or difference identity

The question is cos -105. I know how to do the process for it but for some reason my answer doesn't have the right negatives. I am getting:   √2 + (-√6) --------------         4   The actual... more

Can't Solve -1-√3 * 1-√3 ------- ------ 1+√3 * 1-√3

I am doing sum and difference formulas with sin, cos, and tan. I am doing tan75 with the difference formula.   So tan 120-45   I have all the things found I just don't know how to multiply it... more

Determine the exact value of cos(Pi/24)???

Determine the exact value of cos(Pi/24)???

Rewriting trigonometric identities

How do I rewrite (tanθ+secθ)/cosθ in terms of sinθ? (fully simplified)

Trigonometry question

prove that tan6.tan42.tan66.tan78=1

Solve a trig equation

solve the equation for the solutions over the interval [0 degrees, 360 degrees)   6sec2xtanx=12tanx   I am unsure of where to begin.

Trig functions

cos(3theta)=-1 solve for exact solutions over the interval [0,360 degrees]   I am having trouble finding a place to start.

(tanθ+cotθ)^2=sec^2θ csc^2θ

Proving identities

Find the values of the six trigonometric functions if the conditions provided hold.

cos(2θ) = 1/√2 (1 divided by square root 2)90° ≤ θ ≤ 180°

Find the exact value algebraically.

Find the exact value algebraically of sin(105°)


(sinx)/(cosx-sinx)=cotx+1, find x

Use the following information to determine sin(2x)? sin (x) = 2/3 and cos (x) is negative

Solve step by step to get the answer

Using trig Identities, I need to solve this question


Express cos^(4)2x in terms of cosine with an exponent of 1?

Hi, this is my first time using this site. So I have been staring at this trigonometric equation for a long while and looking for what it asks for. For what I know, I think I have to use sum of... more

Trig Identity

Prove sin4x = 4 (sin x-2 sin^3 x)/secx   I can't seem to solve this! Halp!!!

Simple Trig, got lost and need help.

Solve the given equation over the interval [0,2): 2sinx+ (sqrt 3) sin^2x=-(sqrt 3) cos^2x A. x=0, and x=(pi/2), and x=(3 pi/2), and x=2(pi)x=(3 pi/2), and x=(7 pi/2) b. x=(4 pi/3) and x=(5... more

Need help with simple Trig!

Provide an exact evaluation of the expression: tan (-285°).
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