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Substitution Math Calculus Integrals


Which of the following integrals cannot be evaluated using a simple substitution?

a) b) c) d)
Substitution Math Math 8th Grade Math


Solve the system of linear equations by substitution. Check your solution. y=2x+3 y=3x+5

Solve this by substituting.


Algebra Choir Ratio Problem.

The ratio of females to males in the choir is 7 to 4. If twelve males and three females are absent from a particular practice, the ratio of females and males is five to two. How many members of the... more
Substitution Math Algebra 2


A math problem I am having a really hard time solving

A $62,000 trust is to be invested in bonds paying 9%, CDs paying 8%, and mortgages paying 10%. The bond and CD investment together must equal the mortgage investment. To earn a $5710 annual income... more
Substitution Algebra 2 Elimination


Math question ive been spending hours trying to solve it

A company makes 3 types of cable. Cable A requires 3 black, 3 white, and 2 red wires. B requires 1 black, 2 white, and 1 red. C requires 2 black, 1 white, and 2 red. The company used 95 black, 100... more
Substitution Algebra 2 Addition


substitution and addition

samuel buys 2 cans of paint and a roller for $30. then, he goes back to the store and buys 3 more cans of paint and 2 more rollers for $50. x=cans; y=rollers. Use Ax+By=C
Substitution Algebra 2 Maths Integration


A difficult integration question from india please help

Integration of x5÷√1+x3+x6Please solve and tell me all the steps please help
Substitution Algebra 1 Algebra Graph


Solve equations X+2y=12 and 3x-3y=4 in graph and equal values.


Solve equations X+2y=12 and 3x-3y=4 with subsitution and elimination.

So for example like if x+2y=12 end up being at the end x=3.5you would put it into the next equation like 3(3.5)-3y=4and etc for substitution and elimination
Substitution Algebra 2 Systems


how to solve the system using substitution 2x-y =79 and 6y=x

Substitution Math Algebra 1


Substitution word problem

At a restaurant the cost for a breakfast taco and a small glass of milk is $2.10. The cost for 2 tacos and 3 small glasses of milk is $5.15. Which pair of equations can be used to determine t, the... more



A movie theater charges $6.50 for matinee showings and $8.75 for evening showings. Yesterday the theater sold 378 tickets for a total revenue of 2929. 50. How many matinee tickets were sold?


how many solutions does the system have?

y = -7x + 3 and y + 7x = 10 how many solutions does this have?
Substitution Math Algebra 1 Elimination


2r + s = 11, r –s = 2 Help Elimination or Substitution

Substitution Math Equations Coefficients


Determine the solution to the system pf equations below? (Substitution)

------------ x=9+y x+4y-6------------


Use substitution and elimination method.

Substitution: y=x2-6x+9                      y+x=5     Elimination: y=x2-11x-36                   y=-12x+36


When substituting a variable in a term with an exponent, how do I write and solve it?

IE: -2x^2 Do I do: -2(x)^2, -2(x^2) or (-2x)^2 I say this because of a problem I have that says "h(x)=-4x^2 -2x+5"


The sum of ten and the quotient of a number x and 6.



find and factorise

if a-1/a=4 find: a2+1/a2


The total weight of 2 red blocks and 6 green blocks is 23 ounces.The total weight of 3 red blocks and 4 green blocks is 22 ounces. what’s the total weight of 1

Please include how to solve What’s the total weight of 1 green and red block

Systems of linear and quadratic equations

solve the system. Enter the point that is furthest to the left first. y=-x2-x+19 y+80=x   I currently Have the first Part done which is (-11,-91)   I have the x coord of the second one which... more

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