10 Questions for the topic sprint


Communicating requirements to offshore teams?

Just to give a context, there is an offshore team in India for a client in San Francisco. The offshore team is about 9 developers and 4 QA, with one project manager. I am doing onsite coordination... more


Why does our Sprint Planning not align with our original Release Plan?

Our scrum team has provided high level estimates for the project we are working during release planning meeting. The team provided guesstimated hours as well as Story points for each of the... more


Scrum - Client with conservative UAT policy?

One particular client has a very traditional, conservative approach to UAT and deployment. When the development team completes the items in the sprint, this is all packaged into a release, which... more


SCRUM Sprint and tasks/user stories that cannot fit into a sprint!?

Say I have an Epic that is estimated to take 3 sprints to do.And the Epic is broken down into A to Z tasks/user stories.Problem is, to do B, we need A, to do C we need B, etc....And in sprint one,... more


How to handle user stories that cannot be split and do not fit even a 30 days long sprint?

1. Given a small team (3 people or so) and a technically challenging area (e.g. middleware, embedded software etc.), and 2. Assuming that a user story is a smallest thing that *has value for the... more


Customer seems to be too busy to do regular meetings?

We're doing *Agile* development, and even though we are not going as strict as *Scrum*, we'd like to keep the **sprint planning meeting** so that the customer is able to prioritize on business... more


Scrum: Cancel or change a sprint?

The Scrum method defines that the content of a sprint cannot be changed. But can a sprint be cancelled while it's done? I mean, it's unlikely to happen and probably shows really bad planning skills... more


When is the best time to create story tasks?

I have a team of developers who are relatively new to Agile and sprints (approx. 5 months now).Every time I walk into their sprint planning session, I do not like what I see. It's absolute silence... more


Participants of sprint planning meeting - Is it essential to involve part-time team members?

I'm currently in the process of getting my team in a position to start using Scrum and Sprints within the next couple of weeks - I intend on taking on the role of Scrum Master as long as everyone... more


Why use iterations in Scrum?

I am a Scrum Master in a 7 person team. We currently use one-week iterations for our sprints.I find that sprint planning overhead is huge (2 hours each week for entire team), and not nearly as... more

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